The funeral for Spartan Life Member Maureen Preedy will be held on Friday 1st May at 1000hrs and all Spartans have been invited to pay their respects.

Due to the horrendous COVID-19 virus that currently encapsulates the world however, one which ultimately claimed Maureen’s life far too soon, restrictions still exist on the maximum number of attendees who are allowed to in person celebrate her life.

In light of this, Maureen’s husband (and fellow Life Member) Barry has organised an online broadcast of the procession which is open to all Spartans via the instructions below.

The funeral broadcast will commence at 1000hrs on Friday the 1st May 2020.

Details of how to watch the procession are as follows;

Please note that this is a Private Service and as such requires a PIN number to access the page.

This service’s PIN number is:


Click Here To Watch The Service

Maureen Preedy (third from the left, front row) pictured at a Life Members gathering in 2017.

Back Row: R. McDonald, S. Hersey, T. Wortley, G. Pound, K. Poller, B. Mant, M. Smith, B. Maher, D. Blight, Barry Preedy, G. Ashley, G. Pluske

Front Row: M. Smith, P. Read, Maureen Preedy, B. Waterer, J. James, R. Stanton

Messages Of Condolence:

We also invite all Spartans past and present to please leave a message on either our comments section below or on our Facebook page tribute for Maureen. The Facebook post is available here.

Service Viewing Information:

There are some important points that need to be considered to ensure that you are able to successfully view the service. The service is being provided by Bowra & O’Dea in Fremantle and they advise of the following;

Internet Connection:

In order to successfully watch a live streamed service, you must have an Internet connection of reasonable quality. Whilst our live stream can be viewed on mobile devices over mobile wireless networks, we cannot guarantee that the reliability of the live stream, particularly in locations where signal is unreliable. Where possible please consider watching the stream from a fixed Internet connection.

Web Browser:

We have gone to great lengths to test and minimize the technical challenges of viewing our streaming services, however it is important to mention that the technology of streaming is reliant on many external factors outside our control. Factors such as Internet speed, network reliability, what software is on your computer, and even the hardware you are using to view the stream will all affect the overall experience. To find out which devices and browsers we support, please visit our help article.

Video Quality:

Our player will automatically select the most appropriate stream to match your Internet connection speed. This has been designed to minimise buffering and increase the reliability of your service stream.


All funeral service live streams include audio. Please ensure that your device’s speakers are set at an appropriate volume or alternatively please use headphones.

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