Listed below are the leading career statistics for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, for all years and all associations, since our foundation in 1918.

The entries include information on the most games played, runs scored, wickets taken, and catches held, in the Club’s hundred year history.

These statistics incorporate the entire history of the Club, that is, the years between 1918 and 2024, throughout all of the associations in which the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club have competed.

A special thank you to Graeme Ashley for keeping these statistics recorded. Without Graeme’s immeasurable efforts, any record of these achievements simply could not exist.

Leading Aggregates:

NumberGames PlayedRuns ScoredWickets TakenCatches Taken
01.530 R.J.McDonald15363 B.K.Mant 678 M.J. Bennett396 B.K.Mant
02.500 D.J.Blight9036 P.A. Read635 B.G.James393 A.B.Seaward
03.500 B.K.Mant 8828 D.J.Blight617 R.B.Stanton330 G.E.Ashley
04.446 B.M.Waterer7631 B.M.Waterer601 G. Pluske274 D.J.Rose
05.400 P.A. Read7322 G.R.Bond556 R.R. Turnbull264 P.A.Kalleske
06.373 G.R.Bond6675 R.J.Manning539 S.J. Hersey223 L.J.Donovan
07.359 A.S.Wragg6322 H.Bell500 A.S. Wragg221 D.J.Blight
08.356 G.K.Boyes6201 J.P. Cunningham493 S.J.Davies208 G.K.Boyes
09.356 S.J.Hersey6183 P.A.McGilvray486 C.W.Bibrlik 208 P.V.Phillips
10.343 Blake Carter6143 A.F.Walker476 J.Leinasars188 G.R.Bond
11.329 M.Pietroniro6058 M.Pietroniro459 S.P.Wright175 S.A.Buckby
12.326 G.E.Ashley6037 G.R.Dudley434 Blake Carter159 B.M.Waterer
13.325 A.B.Seaward5807 R.J. McDonald430 M.Pietroniro158 K.M.Poller
14.321 R.R.Turnbull5703 G.E.Ashley428 N.R.Wood156 A.F.Walker
15.315 J.Leinasars5703 C.T. Pereira422 A.J.Gibbs151 J.R.Foster
16.314 M.J.Bennett5557 Matt Smith389 B.Maher148 S.J.Hersey
17.312 D.W.Abercrombie5516 C.L.Forsyth360 J.R.Foster144 B.G.James
18.309 S.J.Davies5433 J.Leinasars351 D.W.Abercrombie142 P.A.Read
19.307 S.P.Wright5273 P.S.Ferguson340 B.J.Rushton141 C.T.Pereira
20.301 K.M.Poller5138 L.F. Read309 K.Warner140 H.Bell
21.296 C.W.Bibrlik5138 P.A.Kalleske306 E.J.B.Preedy139 R.E.Gough
22.295 A.McGhie5099 D.E.Putland302 K.R.Wade139 A.L.Morgan
23.290 G.A.Finlay5024 J.Spencer293 R.J.Manning138 S.Quartermaine
24.280 B.G.James4924 L.Carlson292 D.J.Blight138 J.Spencer
25.279 N.R.Wood4922 K.M.Poller288 G.Pound137 R.J.McDonald
26.2279 S.G.Oates4802 S.J.Hersey286 A.R.Bright136 M.Pietroniro
27.273 G.K.Hack4790 P.J.Flavell286 P.D.Clement134 C.Moncrieff
28.270 KJ.R.Foster4754 E.J.B.Preedy277 S.N.McGowan130 D.M.P.Deering
29.262 E.J.B.Preedy4610 J.R.Foster276 W.S.Fontana129 L.F.Read
30.262 A.F.Walker4592 R.Lee274 K.M.Poller127 Blake Carter
31.250 A.R.Bright4579 B.G.James272 S.K.Natarajan122 P.A.McGilvray
32.245 D.J.Rose4521 C.Moncrieff258 G.A.Finlay120 S.P.Wright
33.244 P.A.Kalleske4517 D.J.Hambleton230 S.A.Carter116 A.McGhie
34.237 G.Burgess4356 D.J.Rose230 P.Kynaston111 E.J.B.Preedy
35.228 L.Carlson4330 P.J.Brown225 G.J.Poller110 J.Leinasars
36.227 C.T.Pereira4321 S.P.Wright224 M.P.Atkinson107 C.Forsyth
37.223 Matt Smith4245 M.P.Atkinson217 S.Hope-Hume107 R.Spencer
38.219 H.Bell4008 P.L.Hitch216 I.T.Murfitt105 P.J.Flavell
39.219 J.P.Cunningham3944 A.R.Bright213 D.Fletcher101 A.R.Bright
40.219 P.A.McGilvray3884 D.W.Abercrombie212 S.Blight101 R.Griffiths
41.218 C.L.Forsyth3818 G.J.Parise212 J.G.Sweetman101 D.G.Humble
42.217 R.J.Manning3764 M.E.Simpson210 Beau Carter99 R.B.Stanton
43.216 Beau Carter3763 P.J.Dama210 G.S.Mazzini98 K.Wade
44.215 R.B.Stanton3753 Blake Carter210 M.E.Simpson98 M.J.Bennett
45.211 C.Moncrieff3727 G.K.Hack207 D.Bell97 L.Carlson
46.206 J.P.A.Hamling3703 G.S.Mazzini201 P.J.Freund97 G.R.Dudley
47.205 P.J.Dama3637 P.V.Phillips201 P.L.Hitch96 A.J.Gibbs
48.205 S.N.McGowan3614 G.Burgess196 F.McClumpha95 J.W.Gibson
49.205 L.F.Read3593 Beau Carter192 A.Mavani95 R.J.Manning
50.204 L.J.Donovan3513 A.S.Wragg189 D.Jones95 R.R.Turnbull
51.204 A.J.Gibbs3366 J.P.A.Hamling188 J.P.A.Hamling93 J.P.Cunningham
52.202 T.S.Fryers3349 G.A.Tysoe187 M.A.Elvidge93 G.A.Finlay
53.200 G.S.Mazzini3343 C.H.Geers181 H.Bell92 G.Pluske
54.198 D.E.Putland3272 R.B.Standon180 G.Dobson92 Beau Carter
55.195 P.J.Brown3358 G.K.Boyes178 Matt Smith91 G.A.Tysoe
56.194 G.Pound3233 P.E.Lansbury17P.J.Dama889 P.J.Dama
57.194 J.G.O'Neill3215 R.Spencer172 A.A.Lacey89 S.J.Davies
58194 R.E.Gough3180 R.E.Gough172 S.J.Murfitt88 P.J.Brown
59.194 G.A.Tysoe3144 W.S.Fontana172 G.K,.Hack86 M.P.Atkinson
60193 P.V.Phillips3103 T.A.Gill168 I.McClumpha86 G.S.Mazzini
61.189 B.J.Rushton3086 S.Aylward168 P.A.McGilvray86 S.K.Natarajan
62.188 J.Parsons3059 M.G.Walters167. M.Hales85 A.S.Wragg
63.185 K.D.Boyes3021 M.G.Lane166 J.Parsons85 J.P.A.Hamling
64.182 K.Warner2997 T.J.Wortley161 R.Maher85 G.Burgess
65.180 G.J.Poller2972 G.A.Finlay160 J.McArdle84 I.R.Shadbolt
66.180 S.K.Natarajan2971 G.Pound157 R.E.Gough83 Matt Smith
67.178 G.R.Dudley2967 A.McGhie155 I.R.Shadbolt82 P.S.Ferguson
68.177 J.Spencer2961 S.K.Natarajan154 R.Thomson82 B.J.Rushton
69.174 C.R.Rajandra2947 D.Hodgettes153 G.Burgess81 M.E.Simpson
70.169 P.E.Lansbury2925 J.W.Gibson152 J.P.Cunningham81 J.G.O'Neill
71.168 K.R.Wade2855 G.J.Poller148 J.Eddington79 S.Aylward
72.168 M.E.Simpson288 R.R.Turnbull146 W.J.Webber78 P.Rynski
73.165 P.J.Flavell2838 T.P.Lavender145 R.Duncan77 D.Carruthers
74.164 Ben Carter2827 S.B.Seaward145 K.B.Salzmann77 R.Lee
75.163 B.M.Greenshields2807 D.Barratt145 S.Pitkethley77 N.R.Wood
76.161 G.Pluske2796 G.Dobson144 T.J.Allan76 P.E.Lansbury
77.158 M.M.Hosking2734 B.Cordes143 C.Spinella73 T.A.Gill
78.156 I.T.Murfitt2686 D.J.Woodward141 P.J.Flavell73 S.W.Kirk
79.155 P.S.Ferguson2676 B.J.Rushton140 J.D.Putland73 J.Parsons
80.152 J.G.Sweetman2653 J.G.O'Neill139 R.B.Turton72 T.J.Wortley
81.150 P.L.Hitch2642 S.Hall137 T.Frantom72 R.Shaw
82.150 R.Lee2627 A.J.Gibbs139 S.J.Foster69 G.J.Poller
83.148 J.D.Putland2626 B.R.Harris133 A.G.Ballantyne68 S.Blight
84.147 C.L.Fletcher2624 D.Jackett133 C.Hyde67 P.J. Freund
85.146 S.J.Murfitt2544 D.W.Eparaima133 C.R.Rajandra67 D.E.Putland
86.146 M.A.Elvidge2520 C.A.Crompton132 M.M.Hosking66 S.Hennessey
87.145 S.Hennessey2509 T.Frantom129 K.P.McKrill65 M.M.Hosking
88.145 M.G.Lane2481 S.J.Foster128 T.S.Fryers64 S.Hinchcliffe
89.144 M.P.Atkinson2460 M.R.Scarterfield126M.Thyssen64 G.J.Parise
90.143 D.J.Hambleton2403 M.A.Elvidge124 W.J.Rayner64 G.Pound
91.142 A.G.Cole2330 A.E.Dyer124 S.G.Oates64 G.K.Hack
92.141 B.Maher2297 I.McClumpha122 B.Harken63 T.S.Fryers
93.141 S.J.Foster2295 J.Parsons120 Pat Miller63 T.Frantom
94.141 A.L.Morgan2228 P.M.Petkovich120 G.J.Parise62 D.P.Halden
95.140 T.J.Wortley2226 T.S.Fryers119 R.Blazevich62 S.J.Foster
96.138 W.L.Farmer2217 K.R.Wade119 C.C.Forsyth62 T.P.Lavender
97.135 D.Jones2169 G.Pluske114 P.Bentley61 W.S.Fontana
98.133 D.Hodgetts2156 P.Van Helden113 P.E.Lansbury61 D.W.Abercrombie
99.131 C.A.Crompton2152 M.Jordan112 M.Barry61 M.D.Wake
100.1321 J.McArdle2090 P.J.Kepert112 N.King61 J.D.Putland
NumberGames Played Runs Scored Wickets Taken Catches Taken

Last Updated: March 2023

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