Headquartered at John Connell Reserve, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club proudly boasts four home grounds in the greater Leeming area, with our seven sides alternating between them.

Be sure to check out the Spartan home grounds listed below, as well as some interesting information regarding them and their history!

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The Spartan Clubhouse on John Connell Reserve, as it sits in 2016.

John Connell Reserve:

This location has been the Spartan home ground since 1988, although we haven’t always been situated in the multi-million dollar facilities we enjoy today.

Our clubhouse was previously the building sitting opposite to the new clubrooms, the one that still encompasses both change rooms.

Having moved from Trevor Gribble Reserve in Bull Creek (which as seen below is still one of our home grounds), the Club changed its name for the second time in seven years to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

In 1988, the Club was granted the magnificent sporting complex at Connell Reserve situated on Dimond Court, Leeming as its home ground.

The playing field measured 200 metres by 150 metres being planted in 1983 so were exceptionally well grassed and clearly had the potential to be the best playing arena in the whole association.

A clubhouse and change rooms had been built on the reserve at a cost of $209,000 and had been completed in December 1985.

The club provided the finance for the central pitch which was installed at a cost of $4000.

Before the club could take possession an incorporated association had to be formed with the Melville Allemania Soccer Club (now Leeming Strikers Soccer Club), who were the winter users of the complex.

Allemania was a second division club who had enjoyed a spell in the First division.

The association comprising the two clubs was then formed as the Leeming Sportsmans Association and as such took occupancy of the Connell complex in February 1986.

For over twenty years the Club enjoyed the Connell clubhouse rooms, until 2001, when a momentous plan began to upgrade the facilities.

The old clubhouse at John Connell sits on the right hand side in the long building, whilst the new clubhouse is the taller building on the left hand side.

Clubhouse Upgrade:

By the time the new millennium had begun, the Club had been enjoying the facilities at John Connell for many years now, but the rapid growth of the Club meant that there was a need to further expand on the facilities.

Under the leadership of Brian Waterer, the Club’s most pivotal person in bringing these plans to life, the Club had approached the Melville City Council for a loan to add a second ground to the John Connell complex and to extend the clubhouse to accommodate a cool room and a committee room.

After some discussion, the Melville Council suggested that if the Leeming Bowling Club (situated just behind the existing Connell clubrooms) were to join the Leeming Sportsmans Association, the Council would be prepared to enter into a feasibility study to investigate the possibilities of building a multi-faceted building to cover the needs of the three sporting clubs.

This project would also include the new cricket ground (with lighting) and another bowling rink.

After several meetings and some months of discussion, the architects concept plans were approved and these plans then went to the finance committee of the Melville City Council for approval.

Subsequently, the Council allocated $1 million dollars to the project which left the Leeming Sports Association to pursue a further $1 million through grants and loans to get the project to its next stage.

The project was completed in October 2003, and was formally opened on the fifth of that month by Melville City Council Mayor Katherine Jackson.

The new complex has panoramic views of the club’s cricket ground, air conditioning and a commerical grade kitchen and bar.

The culmination of years of work by the combined clubs through the LSA, it is a fantastic facility sure to benefit the operations of all three clubs.

During the opening ceremony, Mayor Jackson offered special praise to Leeming Spartan President Brian Waterer, who as President of the LSA had been the driving force behind the establishment of the facility.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club has utilised the outstanding facilities ever since, and they have certainly stood the test of time – built to such a high standard that our home ground is still by far and above, the leading location in the association.

Such is the quality of the location, you can even hire our home ground for your own function by clicking here.

Leeming Spartan Home Grounds:

1. Leeming Spartan Clubhouse:

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s clubhouse is located at 18 Dimond Court, Leeming, Western Australia, 6149.

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Leeming Spartan Clubhouse

John Connell Reserve – Dimond Court, Leeming, Western Australia, 6149

Notes: To get to the ground, continue along Dimond Court past Fern Leaf Crescent (road on the right hand side).

Parking is available outside the old clubhouse location. Parking is free of charge.

The ground comes equipped with change rooms, showers, toilets, drink fountain, playing facilities, cricket nets, and of course, the Spartan clubhouse.

2. Trevor Gribble Reserve:

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s number two location is located on the corner of Parry Avenue (at the lights prior to when the road becomes Burrendah Boulevard) and Karel Avenue.

Of note, Trevor Gribble used to be the homeground for the Bull Creek Spartans (as we were then known) before our move to John Connell as the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

Interestingly, the Club had been very happy with its previous home ground at Karoonda Reserve (now utilised by CBC), so it came as a shock to many of the members when the Club was re-sited to Trevor Gribble Park.

This was made more confusing as the Spartans were being moved so that the Brentwood Cricket Club could be moved onto Karoonda. It was becoming very obvious that associations such as the F&DMCA (the association we found ourselves in at the time) were moving more towards district cricket and that district clubs – or those clubs with district names – were more likely to receive assistance from the various councils.

There were those on the Committee who had been aware of this for some time and had been advocating a change of name so as to give the club a better political bargaining point with any future ground negotiations.

Thus, the move was made to give the Spartan Cricket Club a district name.

After a much bitter debate, which saw a few friendships fractured, the club officially altered its name to the Bullcreek Spartan Cricket Club to reflect our location at Trevor Gribble, Bull Creek.

Significantly, the name change actually made no difference to the general organisation as it remained the cricketing activity under the auspices of the Spartan Sportsmans Association Incorporated. The Club colours remained the same as they had been since 1945, two blues and the famous red Spartan warriors head.

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Trevor Gribble Reserve

9 Burrendah Boulevard, Willetton

Notes: The ground comes equipped with change rooms, showers, toilets, cricket nets, and clubhouse.

Parking is available off Parry Avenue on the right hand side. Parking is free of charge.

3. Shelley Reserve:

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s newest location was acquired in 2018 (our centenary year) in place of the Burrendah Reserve that was held by the Club for eight years. It is a fantastic oval with full amenities, including dual change rooms, lavatories, kitchen, training nets and clubrooms, making for a fantastic addition to the Spartan home grounds.

Located straight down Karel Avenue, right onto Leach Highway and then your first left, it provides a direct route to the Leeming Spartan clubhouse on John Connell Reserve and should take about eight minutes by car.

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Shelley Reserve

34 Koolan Drive, Shelley, Western Australia, 6148

Notes: The ground comes equipped with two change rooms, toilets, kitchen, and cricket nets.

Parking is available off Koolan Drive on the left hand side and is free of charge.

4. Peter Ellis Reserve:

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s fourth location is a longtime home ground, and is situated between the Leeming Shopping Centre and Leeming Senior High School.

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Peter Ellis Reserve

57 Farrington Road, Leeming

Notes: The ground comes equipped with cricket nets and permanent shading (the ‘Shannon Davies’ pergola).

Note that the ground runs parallel to Findlay Road but entrance is actually available off Farrington Road in the Leeming Rec Centre.

Parking is available off Farrington Road by turning left into the Leeming Recreation Centre.