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An incredible chapter in Leeming Spartan Cricket Club history began in early 1996, when after an incredible sixty-seven years, the Club departed the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association, and joined the South Suburban Cricket Association, with the aim of a future merger between the two governing bodies.

As the Club had been at the forefront of the Fremantle Competition since first originating there in 1918, a movement away from all things Fremantle was to be a significant chapter in our history, and although it had been many years since we had been based in the port city, it remained close to our hearts.

Further to this, the period saw the commencement of a new multi-million dollar clubhouse – orchestrated by President Brian Waterer the following season, and the introduction of a Junior Cricketers division in 1999 with the creation of the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club.

Ultimately, the nineties had seen the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association (F&DMCA) begin to decline as a competitive body with a gradual erosion of teams, and tellingly, when North Fremantle resigned in 1995, their passing left only seven clubs and 35 teams –a drop of ten teams and two clubs from the turn of the decade.

It was becoming evident to the Spartans that the association would not survive into the new century, and there was to be a disappointing end to an association that we first joined in 1929, after departing our inaugural competition, the Churches Cricket Association.

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At the beginning of the 1995/96 season, meetings were held between the association and the South Suburban Cricket Association (SSCA) – a similar competition to the F&DMCA, with a view to a merger taking place for the 1997/98 season. Brian was still President of the association at the time, and was in a somewhat peculiar predicament, leading both the Club and the F&DMCA, with a goal to see what could be done to benefit both parties.

However, prior to the 1996/97 season, one of the SSCA’s leading clubs in Thornlie decided to move to a turf association, and so the SSCA offered the Spartans their place.

After a meeting between the Club Committee and its current Life Members, the decision was made for Spartans to join the SSCA.

The Spartan Cricket Club had been hugely influential members of the F&DMCA, with our President Brian Waterer (now into his eighteenth year at the helm) also having led the Association for seventeen seasons.

This decision was largely due to the fact that;

  • The decline of the F&DMCA seemed to have reached a point where it was irreversible
  • A check of the Spartans player list showed that over 60% of the players lived in the area in which the SSCA clubs were located
  • All of Spartans sponsors were domiciled within the SSCA boundaries
  • Virtually all of the Club’s recruiting since 1992 had involved players living in the area in which the SSCA operated
  • The SSCA had a framework of 7 grades comprising 58 teams, which suggested that it was an association with enormous potential and would ensure a more solid back ground for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s continued progress

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s Sixth Grade Premiership Team in 1997, one of three flags to come from our solitary season in the SSCA.

South Suburban Cricket Association:

For many Club members the move was quite traumatic, as the Spartans had certainly been heavily involved in the F&DMCA both before and after the Second World War.

Unparalleled commitments came from Spartan members Brian Waterer, who had been President of the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association in its heyday between 1965 and 1980, and Laurie Farmer, who was in his ninth year as the current F&DMCA President. This pair along with seven other Spartan members held Association Life Memberships (which were later transferred to the current association).

Some 23 Spartans had clocked up 15 years or more playing in the F&DMCA since 1957, and a large number of Spartans had represented it at an inter-association level.

It was clearly a very tough decision, but in the end it was unanimously decided that the Club take the step and move into the SSCA, the ultimate reasoning being that it was a necessary step to ensure the Club’s longevity into the twenty-first century.

This move to the SSCA came before the two associations merged into the present-day South Metropolitan Cricket Association, and showed how the Spartans always had one eye onto the future – a big part of the reason as to why we enter our one hundredth year today.

In fact, the moment the news of our move became public, there was at last a breaking of the apathy that had been common throughout other clubs within the F&DMCA since 1990.

A hurried meeting between the remaining clubs – CBC Old Boys, Cockburn, Kardinya Lakes, Phoenix, Hilton-Tempest and East Fremantle – resolved that they too would apply to join the South Suburban Cricket Association for the 1996/97 season with the merger between the two associations to still take place the following year.

Thus, in 1996, the Spartans left the faltering F&DMCA after 67 years, joining the South Suburban Cricket Association, ahead of a merger between the two governing bodies the following season.

The SSCA accepted this move and so the F&DMCA as an association passed for the last time into the history books in 1996, bearing in mind that it had been dissolved on two previous occasions due to the First and Second World Wars. This was however the first time War did not close the association, instead because of its faltering status and changing of the guard, and it therefore seemed that there was very little likelihood of the F&DMCA ever rising again.

At its end, the Spartans had participated in two competitions, and achieved the following premierships;

Association Premierships Minor Premiers Runners Up
Churches Cricket Association 2 0 1
F&DMCA 13 13 22

With the 1996/97 season quickly approaching, there were still several important decisions had to be made concerning the Spartans taking their place in the SSCA.

The Club’s third ground at Marmion Reserve had ageing facilities that were not good enough, and after some negotiation with the Melville City Council, the Club regained Trevor Gribble Reserve, which had been its home ground in the early eighties, before the move to our current home ground on John Connell Reserve.

This gave the Club three playing arenas that were all up to first grade finals standard.

The grading of the teams was also quite different to that in the F&DMCA, and a decision had to be made on how many teams would be entered into the SSCA. With the new Clubs, Spartans included, the new body had 22 clubs and 90 teams.

Club president Brian Waterer was seconded to a position on the controlling executive of the SSCA, a great result for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, meaning that we were represented at the highest level in this vital first year.

An added bonus to all this change of direction was that the relationship between the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and Melville Corinthian Soccer Club (now Leeming Strikers Soccer Club), who were the winter tenants of John Connell Reserve, had become much better established, and after a rather unsettled decade of existence, the Leeming Sports Association (comprised of both the Spartans and the Strikers, and were responsible for the complex) had become a much more united and professional body.

South Metropolitan Cricket Association:

Time would go on from there, when in 1997, following a number of meetings between the Fremantle & Districts and the South Suburban Cricketing Associations, the two associations officially amalgamated to form the South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

This is the governing body for the competition in which the Spartans compete in to this very day.

By now, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was in a very sound position financially and began the year with a bank balance of $11,000 which was the healthiest it had ever been.

Finally, the great amount of work undertaken by Brian as both leader of the Spartans and the F&DMCA was finally cemented, and the Spartans would once again be the envy of their respective association by the turn of the century.

With the enormous task of changing and establishing associations now effectively completed, it was onto the next project for Brian, continuing the development of the Club and working towards the development of a new clubhouse, which would open in 2003.

The late nineties had some extremely prolific effects on both the Club and the Association, and the Spartans were very much at the forefront of the latter, and it resulted in some very difficult but hugely necessary decisions that proved to be worth their weight in gold, even today, in 2024.

Multi-Million Dollar Clubhouse:

Leeming Spartan saw the beginning of what  was to be a phenomenal and everlasting improvement, when in 1998, preparations were put in place for a sensational multi-million dollar clubhouse that is still the envy of the competition today.

The project entered its feasibility stage in late 1998 following a meeting between the two clubs incorporating the Leeming Sports Association (the Spartans, and Leeming Strikers Soccer Club) and the Melville City Council, with an initial plan to renovate the existing brick clubrooms.

It was then decided that if the nearby Leeming Bowling Club, situated on the same block as the John Connell Reserve, were to join the Leeming Sports Association (the LSA), then the Council would investigate a major construction project to house the three clubs.

As further explained below, this was eventually to become a reality, with Spartan President Brian Waterer the single most influential factor in ensuring the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club gained what would be the best clubhouse in the competition.

After several meetings between the four parties, concept plans were approved and then went to the finance committee of the Melville City Council for approval. Subsequently, the Council allocated $1 million dollars to the project, leaving the LSA to fund a further $1 million through grants and repayable loans to get the project to its next stage.

Brian’s efforts in this project were immeasurable, and when the complex was officially opened in 2003, he was deservedly recognised by all in attendance for his monumental work over the five years.

Such was the success of the project, we continue to utilise the same building in the more than fifteen years since, and it easily accounts as the best in the association, and is the envy of many.

The Leeming Spartan clubhouse, pictured from the centre wicket in 2017.

Junior Cricket Club:

The late nineties saw another major development take place, as the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club officially added a junior division to foster the development of our youngest cricketers as they progressed into the senior competition for the first time.

Whilst the Leeming Junior Cricket Club had existed for some time before their envelopment into the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, this was the first time that both clubs had been linked and it produced a great benefit for the Spartans as it provided a regular influx of young players each season.

This all occurred in 1999/2000, following discussions between our officials and the officials of the Leeming Junior Cricket Club, and resulted in the Junior Club becoming an official entity within the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club for the first time, and they took on the name Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club.

It was met with immediate results, adding eleven new teams to Spartan-ranks ranging from Under 10’s to Under 17’s, and provided great influxes of new players as they graduated into the senior competition.

The amalgamation was always planned with a view to providing a structure for juniors to have an easier progression into the senior ranks, giving them a familiar place to call home, whilst at the same time ensuring that we did not stand in the way of those who wanted to try themselves out at a WACA Club – the level under state cricket.

Since the initial merger, things have progressed extremely well with a number of junior players having later played First Grade cricket at the Spartans, with notably Craig Pereira since becoming a Life Member.

The Club and its two sections – both junior and senior – have excelled in terms of participation and on field success, with an increased number of Premierships coming in the last ten years, and it can certainly be said that 1999’s introduction of the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club has been a sensational result.

An Unforgettable Chapter:

Although this chapter only encompassed four seasons from 1996 to 2000, it proved to be an instrumental one for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club – it saw the crucial steps to ensuring the future of the Club through a change in competition organisers and preparations for a new sensational clubhouse.

The excruciating work undertaken by President Brian Waterer and the Committee in the move to a new association – for the first time in 67 years – was quickly followed by an audacious plan to construct an incredible multi-million dollar clubhouse in 1998.

This was perhaps the culmination of Brian’s extraordinary work at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, and most certainly secured the future of the Spartans for many decades to come – the new clubhouse was opened in 2003 and has been the pick of all clubs within the South Metropolitan Cricket Association ever since.




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Celebrating a Premiership at John Connell Reserve, circa 1997, inside the old Leeming Spartan clubrooms. (Thanks to Alan Cole).

1996/1997 Season – A Change Of Association

President: Brian Waterer (18th Year)
Senior Vice President: Peter McGilvray (1st Year)
Junior Vice President: Gary Boyes (1st Year)
Secretary: Graeme Ashley (7th Year)
Treasurer: Lee Donovan (1st Year)

In addition to the administration of the Club, and efforts to ensure its longevity and success, there was also the matter of on the field to consider, and Brian Waterer and his Committee certainly did not disappoint.

Incredibly, in just the solitary season we spent in the South Suburban Cricket Association (before the aforementioned amalgamation with the F&DMCA), we claimed three premierships, and, like our inaugural year in the Fremantle competition in 1929, there were many who could not comprehend the successes shown by the ‘new kids on the block’.

In this SSCA, the sixth grade competition only played one-day cricket, and as the Club had some twenty-five players who were only available on a part-time basis, we entered a team in this grade to accommodate those players, and incredibly, they ended up winning the Premiership.

The early days in this new competition were testing, as many of the SCCA’s operating and playing rules were far different to those of the F&DMCA and the Club experienced quite a few problems coming to grips with them.

In particular, the SCCA’s points system heavily favoured batting sides and this meant that a losing side could earn as many points as a winning side if they batted second and smashed a big second innings score.

Thankfully Leeming Spartan Secretary Graeme Ashley soon established a very good rapport with both the association secretary and the registrar, so that the Club soon developed an operating procedure that fitted in smoothly with the requirements of the association.

The SCCA’s attitude towards the game was far more casual than that of the F&DMCA Clubs, with the former playing a brand of cricket that was more suited to social one-day games.

As a consequence, the harder approach of the Fremantle based sides led to them dominating the top half of each grade, so much so that the Fremantle Clubs won nine of the ten premierships contested.

The first grade was comprised of 12 teams, and only played two-day matches, eleven in total, whilst the seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths had a similar format to what they were used to, seven two-day games and seven one-day games.

Our inability to cope adequately with one-day cricket was once again very obvious, and with the exception of the seconds, all did very poorly in this form of cricket.

The seconds won 6 of their 7 games to head the qualifying table and duly met Cockburn in the final at John Connell. We controlled this game for most of the day and won with by six wickets, in what was our first success at this second grade level since 1974, and it provided a great boost to our morale.

Our inaugural and solitary year in the South Suburban Cricket Association was a steep learning curve, but thanks to two fantastic premierships, it defied many expectations, and showed the rest of the competition (the Fremantle sides included) that the Spartans were not to be taken lightly.

1996/1997 Award Winners
Graeme Ashley

Best Club Person Award


Club Champion Award

Craig Forsyth Noel Wood

1996/1997 Club Captains
First Grade Captain: Greg Dudley
Second Grade Captain: Peter Agostino
Third Grade Captain: David Blight
Fourth Grade Captain: Dick Manning
Fifth Grade Captain: Graeme Ashley
Sixth Grade Captain: Alan Cole

1st Grade – Semi-Finalists:

Captained By Greg Dudley

The Spartan’s top team performed well enough without ever really looking like a premiership combination.

The batting was solid and put together some very good scores, but the attack proved to be about two quality bowlers short, this being very evident in the semi-final which was lost to the eventual premiers (and fellow F&DMCA movers) Cockburn, 237 to 204 with Cockburn’s last three wickets adding one hundred runs.

Best performers for the season were captain Greg Dudley with 495 runs, former state country representative Rob Dreghorn 367 runs, later Hall of Famer Paul Hitch’s 335 runs and 17 wickets, wicket-keeper Darren Rose’s 320 runs and 21 dismissals, Graham Pound’s 31 wickets and young leg-spinner Jason Cunningham’s 22 wickets.

2nd Grade – Two-Day & One-Day PREMIERS!

Captained By Peter Agostino

A truly marvellous year saw our second grade win both the One-Day and the Major Premiership.

Brilliantly led by Peter Agostino, they performed consistently at a very competent level all season.

There were many fine performances, namely Brad Mant with 500 runs (who was suspended by the Club for various misdemeanors and did not play in the last two qualifying rounds or the finals), Joshua Mann with 417 runs and 30 wickets, wicket-keeper Peter Phillips’ 405 runs and 37 dismissals, Mark Webber’s 391 runs, Best Club Person Craig Forsyth’s 375 runs, Jason Hamling with 230 runs and 27 wickets, Shane Hersey with 210 runs and 17 wickets and Steve Hope-Hume with a very impressive 27 wickets.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 5/145 (Josh Mann 46, Peter Phillips 31) defeated Kelmscott 10/143 (Steven Hope-Hume 6/34) by five wickets at John Connell Reserve.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  C. Forsyth, P. Phillips, M. Webber, J. Mann, G. Bond, P. Agostino (Captain), D. Munro, J. Hamling, S. Hersey, A. Wragg, S. Hope-Hume.

3rd Grade:

Captained By David Blight

The third grade were a competitive unit under Captain David Blight, and their fourth placing was probably a fair indication of their strength and ability.

Their best performers for the season came from Andrew Walker, who scored 381 runs, skipper Blight’s 326 runs, Gary Mitchell’s double – 145 runs and 13 wickets, and Mick Bennett’s 18 wickets.

Former Tasmanian Sheffield Shield player Rob Knight scored 132 in one of his rare games for the Club.

4th Grade:

Captained By Dick Manning

The fourth grade also finished fourth, and this too was about right considering the opposition, although had they been able to overcome Central Districts in the semi-final, then they could have well taken out the pennant as Centrals were the only side in the grade who caused them major problems on a regular basis.

Good season performances came from captain Dick Manning’s 401 runs and 8 wickets, Tony Bright’s 278 runs and 12 wickets, Peter Lansbury’s 226 runs and 12 wickets, and Glenn Dobson’s 24 wickets.

5th Grade:

Captained By Graeme Ashley

The fifths finished in sixth spot, and despite their obvious lack of real quality players who could last a good period out in the middle when batting, they were still very competitive and recorded some solid wins during the season.

Barry Preedy with 354 runs and 11 wickets was the pick of the fifths, while co-skipper Mike Bunyan recorded 287 runs and 14 wickets, Noel Wood claimed 24 wickets and Matt Scott’s 131 runs and 16 wickets also showed the way.

Veteran Noel Wood was recognised for his fine efforts in winning the Read/Waterer Club Champion medal.

6th Grade – PREMIERS!

Captained By Alan Cole

Unlike previous seasons in the Fremantle & Districts competition, this grade solely played one-day cricket – some 22 games in all – and fantastically won the Premiership by beating the Minor Premiers in East Fremantle.

As mentioned, the Club had entered a side in this grade to cater for those players who could not make themselves available for all games.

A sensational result from the old boys saw us claim the sixth grade SSCA Premiership!

It proved to be a great success as many very good players who had fallen away from the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club due to work commitments were attracted back, and the side who took to the field for the grand final was comprised of some exceptional players.

Excellent captaincy and management from Alan Cole led to the team’s many fine performances.

The season’s star efforts came from Murray Sibson, with 563 runs (including 3 centuries) and 10 wickets, Miles Jordan’s 440 runs, Jim Leinasars’ 289 runs and 30 wickets, Dean Stammers’ 233 runs and 15 wickets, Justin Parsons’ 206 runs and 19 wickets, wicket-keeper Joel Manning’s 245 runs and 10 dismissals and veteran left hander Chris Bibrlik who claimed 38 scalps.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 10/149 (Dean Stammers 42) defeated East Fremantle 10/141 (Stammers 2/32) by eight runs.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  M. Sibson, D. Stammers, M. Jordan, J. Manning, J. Leinasars, M. Palumbo, J. Parsons, M. Dobson, A. Cole (Captain), D. Jones, C. Bibrlik.

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1997/1998 Season – The SMCA Is Formed

President: Brian Waterer (19th Year)
Senior Vice President: Peter McGilvray (2nd Year)
Junior Vice President: Gary Boyes (2nd Year)
Secretary: Graeme Ashley (8th Year)
Treasurer: Lee Donovan (2nd Year)

It was this season that set the precedent for all that followed, up to this very day, as the F&DMCA and the SSCA officially merged to become the South Metropolitan Cricket Association, in which we still compete.

All Life Members from both associations, including several Spartan Life Members of the Fremantle Association were transferred this South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA), and the Club itself was in tremendously good stead off and on the field, with sound administration and stewardship under Brian Waterer, Peter McGilvray and Gary Boyes, and some fantastic premierships from the previous season to boot.

The 1997/98 season began in fine style, and at the Christmas break the Spartan Thirds, Fourths and Sixes were on top of their respective grades while the Firsts and Seconds were in second place and the Fifths were sitting in third position.

Then the infamous Spartan “wobble” began after the month long break, and all sides began to struggle.

This was partly due to the fact that we were in the one-day segment of the season – when results were very much a matter of luck and excessive slogging – and partly due to lack of application by the better players.

Traditionally, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club has always struggled in one-day competitions, particularly in all grades below First up until the early 2000s, when the one-day grades became a foundation of the SMCA competition.

A mid-season boost to Club morale was provided by the First Grade however when they won Leeming Spartan’s first ever premiership at first grade level in the One Day Competition.

Continued off-field dedication came from all the Spartan Committee, and Gary’s wife Sandy became just the fifth female Spartan to claim the Best Club Person Award, while Kevin Wade enjoyed an exceptional season, culminating in the Club Champion medallion.

Chris Bibrlik became the first Spartan Life Member in this new association, when he was formally inducted in 1997.

1997/1998 Award Winners
Graeme Ashley

Best Club Person Award


Club Champion Award

Mrs. Sandy Boyes Kevin Wade

1997/1998 Club Captains
First Grade Captain: Greg Dudley
Second Grade Captain: Peter Agostino
Third Grade Captain: Peter Read
Fourth Grade Captain: Gary Boyes
Fifth Grade Captain: Michael Bunyan
Sixth Grade Captain: Alan Cole

1st Grade – One-Day PREMIERS!

Captained By Greg Dudley

Contrary to typical Spartan performances in the one-day arena, the Spartan First Grade claimed the first ever limited overs premiership in the new South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

This was an exceptional performance, and a credit to all eleven players within the team, providing a great morale boost for the entire Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

However, proving that there is always a ‘but’, this was to be the First Grade’s last hurrah as they lost every two-day game after the Christmas break, until the final match of the season, which they turned around all recent performances to win it outright!

Interestingly, as they had also won the first game of the season outright it was the first time since the sixties that a first grade side had won two games outright in the one season.

To miss the finals having achieved that though showed how sub-standard they could be in the other two-day games.

The side finished fifth with the chief performers being captain Greg Dudley, with 563 runs and 10 wickets, Matthew Smith – who was developing into a genuine fast bowler – with 356 runs and 34
wickets, leg-spinner Jason Cunningham with 45 wickets and 222 runs, Paul Hitch with 378 runs and 19 wickets and wicket-keeper Peter Phillips with 346 runs and 43 dismissals.

Overall however, it was a very good season and they deservingly took home some silverware in their first year in the competition.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 5/231 (Brad Mant 90 not out, Greg Dudley 66, Jason Cunningham 44) defeated Phoenix 10/137 (Shayne Hersey 4/39, Paul Hitch 3/22) by ninety-four runs at John Connell Reserve.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  G. Dudley (Captain), P. McGilvray, P. Hitch, B. Mant, M. Fletcher, S. Hersey, P. Phillips, S. Hope-Hume, G. Bond, J. Cunningham, M. Smith.

2nd Grade – Runners Up:

Captained By Peter Agostino

The reigning premiers from the SSCA didn’t quite have the talent of the previous season, but still managed to reach the grand final of the major competition for the second year in a row.

They had their chances in the grand final but a couple of lapses in concentration, one with the bowling and fielding late on the first day and one with the middle order batsmen late on the second day saw them lose to Hilton Park by a narrow margin.

The pick of the bunch were Mark Webber with 468 runs, Graeme Pound with 298 runs and 15 wickets, Duncan Munro’s 309 runs and 10 wickets, Joshua Mann’s 217 runs and 20 wickets, and David Abercrombie’s 35 wickets.

3rd Grade – Minor Premiers:

Captained By Peter Read

Our 1997/98 third grade was a very powerful batting side that could be brilliant at times but was also a little brittle on other occasions – usually important ones – which led to them being Minor Premiers but losing their semi-final to the CBC Old Boys.

There were many good performers, with captain Peter Read’s 585 runs the leading run-scorer, while Mal Green (a former coach of Cockburn and Hilton Park) scored 435 runs and took a whopping 20 catches, Steve Quartermaine made 388 runs, David Blight scored 379, and Sean Wright’s 301 runs and 26 wickets.

Bowling honours were deservedly claimed by veteran left hander Mick Bennett, who took 34 wickets.

4th Grade – PREMIERS!

Captained By Gary Boyes

Fourth Grade struggled to make the four then carried all before them to win the premiership defeating Hilton Park in the Grand Final!

The batting went up a level in class when outstanding batsman and stroke player Alex Read-Brain returned after 15 months in the United Kingdom and was added to the fourths for the finals. His half century in the grand final made the match secure.

Two veteran bowlers in leg spinner Ray Turnbull and left hand medium pacer Noel Wood also gave outstanding performances in the finals with the latter being almost unplayable in the grand final.

Captain Gary Boyes handled the side with a great deal of common sense and some very good tactical moves.

The stars for this grade include Peter Lansbury with 452 runs, Gareth Finlay with 248 runs, Dave Hackett with 238 runs, Peter Ferguson with a most impressive 203 runs and 11 wickets, Ray Turnbull’s excellent 31 wickets, Read/Waterer Medal Winner Kevin Wade’s 190 runs and 20 wickets and Noel Wood’s 18 wickets.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 5/152 defeated Hilton Park 10/149 by five wickets.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  D. Hackett, C. Monceiff, M. Jordan, A. Read-Brain, A. Walker, P. Ferguson, P. Lansbury, G. Boyes (Captain), K. Nash, N. Wood, R. Turnbull.

5th Grade:

Captained By Michael Bunyan

This one was probably the strongest team the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club had entered at this particular level in several seasons.

They should have made the four but inexplicably threw away games they should have won.

Two incredible games in particular came to hurt their finals chances – in one they scored 321 and lost, and the second when they needed 6 runs to win with 4 wickets in hand also went down.

The pick of the bunch this season came in the form of opening bat Steve Hall with 551 runs, veteran Dick Manning’s 429 runs and 24 wickets, Captain Mick Bunyan’s 266 runs and Ross Cherry’s 24 wickets.

6th Grade – PREMIERS!

Captained By Alan Cole

The reigning champions played steadily all year to make it two premierships in a row in the one-day only grade.

As in the previous year they fielded a different side each week, but were able to put their best side on the ground in the finals.

They continued to fill a valuable niche in the Club’s structure as once again it allowed players to remain with the Club whose appearances were limited by work commitments.

The leading players were Glenn Dobson who scored 649 runs and claimed 23 wickets, his brother Mark Dobson with 522 runs, Jim Leinasars’ 359 runs and 23 wickets, Joel Manning’s 343 runs and 14 catches, soon-to-be Life Member Chris Bibrlik’s 190 runs and 34 wickets, and Justin Parsons’ 225 runs and 21 wickets.

Leinasars season saw him achieve the 2000 runs and 200 wickets double for his career.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 10/171 defeated Hilton Park 10/97 by seventy-four runs.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  M. Dobson, J. Manning, R. McDonald, K. Poller, G. Dobson, D. Sutherland, J. Parsons, D. Jones, J. Leinasars, C. Bibrlik, A. Cole (Captain).

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1997/1998 Off The Field:

Vale Joe Rayner

One of the stalwarts of the Spartan Cricket Club during the 1950s and 60s in Joe Rayner passed away in February 1998.

Joe was prominent in committee affairs, serving a year as secretary and eight years as vice-president, before later receiving an F&DMCA Life Membership for his work as a club delegate.

Joe’s playing career saw him play 113 games for 2009 runs, 124 wickets and 47 catches. He was an aggressive right hand bat, a capable leg spin bowler and a very good fieldsman.

He left the Spartans in 1968 when he moved to Orelia, where he became captain of the Kwinana Cricket Club.

He was a Life Member of both the Spartan and Kwinana Cricket Clubs as well as the Kwinana Golf Club.

Vale Roy Thomson

A pre-war star in Roy Thomson (pictured below in 1922) also passed away this season, having reached the cricket hoodoo number of 87 (thirteen short of one hundred).

Roy was a fine all-rounder whose record of 90 wickets in a season will probably stand forever.

His statistics, like all the pre-war players are unfortunately not complete, but from what is known, Roy scored 785 runs and took 154 wickets for the Club.

He was also a part of our inaugural Premiership in the Churches Association in 1922.

Roy’s father Stuart Thomson had been President of the Spartan Cricket Club for 22 years from 1920 to 1942.

Roy and his family had also been an enormous help to Brian Waterer in the early 1970’s when these records and history chapters were being researched and set up.

1998/1999 Season – New Clubhouse In The Works

––– OUR 80TH YEAR –––

President: Brian Waterer (20th Year)
Senior Vice President: Peter McGilvray (3rd Year)
Junior Vice President: Gary Boyes (3rd Year)
Secretary: Graeme Ashley (9th Year)
Treasurer: Paul Hitch (1st Year)

With all the commotion of recent years, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Club’s eightieth year had snuck up on us, but this was most certainly not the case, and 1998/99 saw some enormous endeavours put in motion.

In addition, our bank balance had jumped to a most impressive $16,000, and we looked to be retaining most of our players, along with a number of good cricketers from other competitions expressing an interest to join the Spartans, meaning that we began our eightieth year with a great deal of enthusiasm, and the season that resulted was nothing short of extraordinary.

Off the field, momentous things looked to be in the making. The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club had approached the Melville City Council for a loan to add a second ground to the John Connell complex and to extend the clubhouse to accommodate a cool room and a committee room. This was to be the beginning of an enormous multi-million dollar project that was orchestrated by President Brian Waterer and would ensure the long term future of the Spartans (more information below).

On the field, the Club enjoyed a fantastic eightieth year which resulted in two Premierships in the Second and Third Grades, and with strong regular performances throughout all teams, we eventually finished runners-up in the Club Championship (although with some controversy), which is awarded to the best performing club across all of its sides.

A solid pre-season recruiting programme attracted a number of First Grade players to the Spartans, namely Chris Bagshaw – a fast bowler from Postals Club, Alec Lacey – a fast bowler from Canning Districts, Barry Harken – a middle order batsman and fast bowler from South Perth, Gary Mathews – an opening batsman (and captain coach) from Kardinya Lakes, and James Pipe – a wicket-keeper from English County Cricket side Worcester.

At the Christmas break in 1998, the results had been sound without being what we had really hoped for.

Meanwhile, the One-Day Knockout Competition (a separate championship) had been a disaster, with the First and Second grades being annihilated by Cockburn and Armadale respectively.

Nevertheless, most other sides had performed solidly, and by Christmas the sides occupied the following positions on the points table:

• First Grade – Fifth Place

• Second Grade – Fourth Place

• Third Grade – First Place

• Fourth Grade – Fourth Place

• Fifth Grade – Second Place

• Sixth Grade – Fourth Place

The fourth and fifth sides had virtually been eliminated from the limited overs finals, while the thirds were in a three-way battle with Armadale and Kwinana for a place in their one-day final. As there are no semi-finals, only the top two ranked sides would progress into the one-day final.

Ultimately the Third Grade progressed through by finishing top of the ladder, and then defeated Armadale to win the One Day Pennant for that grade.

With a game to go all six sides were in their respective top fours, but the last round saw that situation come unstuck.

The First Grade missed the four despite defeating the eventual Premiers CBC in the last game due to an anomaly in the points system allowing another club to jump over them…

Unfortunately, the Fourth Grade played poorly to lose their last game to bottom side Roleystone, and as a consequence they too missed the four, thereby costing the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club what would have been our first ever Club Championship.

The new Leeming Spartan clubhouse on the left, and original building on the right. (Taken 2017)

New Clubhouse In The Making:

The invaluable efforts of Brian Waterer.

The new John Connell Reserve mega-complex was initiated in 1998, with the Spartans, through President Brian Waterer, the Melville City Council, and the Leeming Strikers Soccer Club (the winter tenants) all meeting to plan for a renovation project to the existing brick clubrooms.

After some discussion, the Council suggested that if the Leeming Bowling Club were to join the Leeming Sportsmans Association (the parent body for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and the Leeming Strikers Soccer Club, comprised of members from both clubs), then the Council would be prepared to enter into a feasibility study to investigate the possibilities of building a multi-faceted building to cover the needs of the three sporting clubs.

This project would also include the new cricket and soccer ground and another bowling green. The Leeming Bowling Club had been located about one hundred metres south of our existing clubhouse on the John Connell Reserve, and had setup their own demountable building on the site.

After several meetings and some months of discussion, the architects concept plans were approved and these plans then went to the finance committee of the Melville City Council for approval.

Subsequently the Council allocated $1 million dollars to the project which left the Leeming Sports Association to pursue a further $1 million through grants and repayable loans to get the project to its next stage.

Brian’s efforts in this project were immeasurable, and when the complex was officially opened in 2003, special recognition was made by the Council to Brian for his work, which had paved the way for the future of both the Strikers and the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, to this very day.

The new Leeming Spartan clubhouse on the left, and original building on the right. (Taken 2015)

Learn More About Our Clubhouse Opening!

View Our Clubhouse Construction Photos

Joe Rayner Shield:

Recognising a fallen legend.

As previously noted, a Leeming Spartan legend and Life Member in Joe Rayner had passed away the previous season, and to honour the life of such an excellent cricketer, it was decided to host an annual match against the Kwinana Cricket Club.

Joe had been a Life Member of both Clubs, and the Spartans and Kwinana would face off for the Joe Rayner Memorial Shield, the first match held this season, which was won by Kwinana.

1998/1999 Award Winners:

With the work of Brian in regards to the new clubhouse obviously the off-field highlight, the Spartan Committee were a credit to the Club this season, as they produced a hugely memorable summer, which was deservedly fitting for an important occasion as our eightieth anniversary.

New Treasurer Paul Hitch was awarded the Graeme Ashley Best Club Person Award for his outstanding work in both the executive position and in organising events and general work, while Jim Leinasars deservedly won the Club Champion medallion on the back of a sensational season in sixth grade, accumulating 506 runs and 33 wickets for the season.

Peter McGilvray became the newest inductee into Leeming Spartan Life Membership this season – Peter has been a sensational performer for the Spartans for many years on and off the field.

1998/1999 Award Winners
Graeme Ashley

Best Club Person Award


Club Champion Award

Paul Hitch Jim Leinasars

1998/1999 Club Captains
First Grade Captain: Greg Dudley
Second Grade Captain: Peter McGilvray & Shayne Hersey
Third Grade Captain: Peter Read
Fourth Grade Captain: Gary Boyes
Fifth Grade Captain: Tony Bright
Sixth Grade Captain: Ron McDonald

1st Grade:

Captained By Greg Dudley

Our First Grade won 8 of their 11 games, which included solid victories over both the clubs that played off in the Grand Final, however still did not qualify for finals.

They were unbeaten after round five and understandably somewhat shattered at not making the finals.

Captain Greg Dudley led the way with 503 runs and 10 wickets, including a century against CBC in the final round, which was to be considered one of the best hundreds ever made for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

He was superbly supported by Best Club Person and Treasurer Paul Hitch, with 351 runs and 18 wickets, new recruit Chris Bagshaw’s 263 runs and 23 wickets, James Pipe with 361 runs and 19 dismissals as wicketkeeper, Matthew Smith’s 298 runs and 21 wickets and Peter McGilvray with 251 runs at an incredible average of 62.7, a performance which saw him win the Association Batting Trophy.

2nd Grade – PREMIERS!

Captained By Peter McGilvray & Shayne Hersey

This side was probably one of the best to have ever represented the Spartans in this grade.

While it was a reasonably young side, it was also a very experienced one with every player in the team having had First Grade experience.

After having two changes of captain by the fifth game (due to Peter McGilvray returning to the First Grade), Shane Hersey – one of the young “veterans” in the side – took over and moulded them into a very powerful combination.

A hard fought semi-final win produced a great deal of character that was needed to achieve the win, and it was followed by another outstanding team effort in the Grand Final where they comfortably accounted for Hilton Park.

There were many fine performances over the season, demonstrating just how strong the side was, including Brad Mant with 506 runs and 15 wickets, Peter Phillips’ 338 runs and 19 wicket-keeping dismissals, Graeme Bond’s 396 runs, Paul Emmanuel’s 371 runs and 12 catches, Peter McGilvray’s 242 runs (to go with his 251 in the First Grade), Shane Hersey’s 203 runs and 27 wickets, Joshua Mann with 198 runs and 11 wickets, and opening bowlers Steven Hope-Hume with 27 wickets (including a for-fer in the Grand Final) and Darren Fletcher with 24 wickets.

Notably, Peter Phillips’ century in the premiership decider was the first ever ton scored by a Spartan in any Grand Final.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 9dec/238 (Peter Phillips 105, Brad Mant 81 not out) defeated Hilton Park 10/136 (Steven Hope-Hume 4/47) by one hundred and two runs.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  P. Phillips, P. Emmanuel, J. Mann, D. Rose, G. Bond, B. Mant, C. Barnes, S. Hersey (Captain), S. Hope-Hume, T. Bacich, D. Fletcher.

Click to view a larger version.

3rd Grade – One-Day PREMIERS!

Captained By Peter Read

To put it simply, the 1998/99 third grade was a very, very good side – probably the strongest in this grade amongst all opposition, but ultimately couldn’t get past CBC in the semi-final.

However, they did receive some compensation for this failure by easily accounting for Armadale in the mid-season One Day Final.

Like the players in the Seconds, many of the Thirds enjoyed very good seasons, with Dan Hambleton accumulating 568 runs and 11 catches, Steve Quartermaine scoring 458 runs and claiming 33 wicket-keeping dismissals, David Blight garnering 395 runs and 11 catches, Captain Peter Read scoring 297 runs, Graeme Pound scoring 221 runs and taking 27 wickets, Andrew Walker scoring 288 runs, Mick Bennett claiming 39 wickets and Andrew Wragg taking 24 wickets.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 3/107 (Steve Quartermaine 38 not out, Luke Carlson 36) defeated Armadale 10/104 (Tony Bacich 3/12, Mick Bennett 3/19) by seven wickets at John Connell Reserve.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  D. Hambleton, L. Carlson, S. Hall, S. Quartermaine, D. Blight, P. Read (Captain), G. Pound, T. Bacich, K. Wade, A. Wragg, M. Bennett.

Click to view a larger version.

4th Grade:

Captained By Gary Boyes

The Leeming Spartan Fourth Grade were enjoying a good season up until the last game when a batting collapse saw them crash from 3 for 130 to 145 all out, chasing 157 to win.

An incredible batting collapse denied the Spartans its first ever Club Championship for the most successful Club across all of their teams – our Fourths were 3/130 and crashed to 145 all out against bottom placed Roleystone, preventing us from playing finals!

The better performers were Miles Jordan with 350 runs and 10 catches, Steve Hall with 278 runs (for which Steve also won the Association Batting Trophy), Luke Carlson’s 275 runs, Craig Moncreiff’s 261 runs, and veteran bowlers Ray Turnbull and Noel Wood with 30 and 26 wickets respectively.

Special mention needs to be made of newcomer Clint Barnes, who scored 208 runs and took 16 wickets, a top performance that saw Clint promoted to the First Grade before season’s end, and to cap it off, he won the Leeming Spartan Best First Year Player Award.

5th Grade:

Captained By Tony Bright

This side, with a couple of exceptions, lacked the collective talent but nevertheless reached the semi-finals with some good wins based on mate-ship and ‘having a go’.

Unfortunately circumstances prevented them getting the side they should have had for the semi-final, and they ultimately lost that game to Phoenix, the eventual Premiers.

The side was led well by captain Tony Bright who scored 420 runs and took 24 wickets, and he received great support from veteran Graeme Ashley with 532 runs and 26 wicket-keeping dismissals.

Others to perform well included Dave Hackett with 234 runs, Darren Long with 181 runs and 17 wickets and Gareth Finlay with 154 runs and 21 wickets.

Hackett, with 78 and 89 not out against Cockburn, became the first Spartan player to score a half century in each innings of a game.

6th Grade:

Captained By Ron McDonald

The Sixth Grade performed well all year to comfortably earn a place in the finals, however were not quite the team of years past.

In the semi-final, they got the worst of the conditions in a rain affected match and they lost to eventual Premiers Roleystone.

Veteran all-rounder Jim Leinasars had another great season with 506 runs and 33 wickets – a performance that enabled him to win the Read/Waterer Club Champion medalRon McDonald captained the side well and led from the front in scoring 509 runs, while Glen Dobson with 340 runs and 19 wickets, Justin Parsons with 320 runs and 15 wickets, Dave Jones with 229 runs 26 wickets and Chris Bibrlik with 229 runs 24 wickets also all gave solid support.

1999/2000 Season – End Of The Millennium

President: Brian Waterer (21st Year)
Senior Vice President: Peter Read (1st Year – 2nd Overall)
Junior Vice President: Alex Lacey (1st Year)
Secretary: Graeme Ashley (10th Year)
Treasurer: Paul Hitch (2nd Year)

The final season to commence in the twentieth century was marked with a major expansion to Club operations as we formally added a junior cricketers division for the first time.

The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club had existed for some years now, but had always been an entirely separate entity from the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, and so this was the first time did both organisations come together as one.

Following discussions between our officials and the officials of the Leeming Junior Cricket Club, the junior club formally became a part of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, taking on the name Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club.

This added 11 teams of juniors to the club structure ranging from Under 10’s to Under 17’s, and provided great influxes to player stock as the youngsters graduated from the junior competition.

The amalgamation was therefore planned with a view to providing a structure for juniors to have an easier progression into the senior ranks, but also to ensure that the Spartans did not stand in the way of those who wanted to try themselves out at a WACA Club – the level under state cricket.

Should any player wish to return from the undoubtedly more excruciating training regimes found at the WACA Clubs, then the door at the Spartans would most certainly remain open.

Additionally, the projected new building complex was progressing steadily and in August 1999 it was expected that the project would go to tender in May 2000, and that building would commence in July of the same year.

On the field, the season produced a mixed bag of results and in all probability the Club’s standards slipped below that of previous seasons.

The loss of some fourteen players from the top four grades due to work and travel commitments left a hole in the playing strength that we were not able to fill adequately.

Three of the six teams finished last in the two day competition, and last or second last in the one-day competition which was a set of results never experienced by the Spartans before. Fortunately the Sixth Grade continued their successes of previous seasons, winning the Premiership, and thereby providing some light amongst the general gloom.

1999/2000 Award Winners:

Another excellent year of off field dedication was duly recognised through Graeme Pound, who claimed his second Graeme Ashley Award for the Best Club Person at our season windup, held in March 2000. Graeme is the fifth person to have claimed multiple Best Club Person Awards.

First Grade Captain Greg Dudley capped off another excellent season, deservedly winning the Read/Waterer Club Champion Award as the Spartan’s leading player, with 361 runs and 21 wickets in the top grade. By this point in time, Greg was certainly being considered by many to be in the top five greatest players to have ever represented the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

1998/1999 Award Winners
Graeme Ashley

Best Club Person Award


Club Champion Award

Graeme Pound Greg Dudley

1998/1999 Club Captains
First Grade Captain: Greg Dudley
Second Grade Captain: Shayne Hersey
Third Grade Captain: Peter Read
Fourth Grade Captain: Tony Bright
Fifth Grade Captain: Peter Lansbury
Sixth Grade Captain: Gary Boyes

1st Grade:

Captained By Greg Dudley

Our First Grade weren’t as good a combination as they had been in the previous season, but still managed to finish third at the end of the qualifying rounds only to be soundly thrashed by Cockburn in the semi-final.

The team looked to be couple of class players short of being Premiership contenders.

Captain Greg Dudley led the way with 361 runs and 21 wickets – interestingly, it was an ordinary season by his standards, yet he still claimed the Club Champion Award as the Club’s best player – and he received some backing from Barry Harken with 202 runs and 23 wickets and Neil Benbow with 199 runs and 21 wickets.

Stars of previous seasons, Paul Hitch (189 runs and 18 wickets), Matt Smith (274 runs and 12 wickets) and Peter McGilvray (183 runs and 4 wickets), performed way below what was expected of them.

2nd Grade:

Captained By Shayne Hersey

The reigning Premiers didn’t do a lot wrong and won 7 of their 10 games to miss the finals by just 2 points.

Interestingly, as they had beaten every team that did make the four it is quite possible they could have taken the Premiership had they played in the finals.

The reining Premiers missed the finals by just two points, despite having beaten every team in the finals at least once during the course of the season!

Andrew Walker with 343 runs showed he was developing into a relable top order batsman, while Jason Cunningham with 275 runs and 12 wickets was steady, and Darren Fletcher (with 24 wickets) and Steve Hope-Hume (with 16 wickets) both bowled well.

3rd Grade:

Captained By Peter Read

After nearly a decade of being close to the best team in this grade, their performances unfortunately fell right away this season and they finished last in both the Premiership and the one-day competitions.

They started the season well but after the fourth round of fixtures their key players struggled to reach the standards achieved in previous seasons.

Danny Hambleton with 430 runs and Steve Quartermaine with 424 runs were the best of the batsmen, while Mick Bennett and Andrew Wragg each took 21 wickets.

4th Grade:

Captained By Tony Bright

For most of the season the players available to this team were not up to fourth grade standard.

Many were young players in their first or second year in senior ranks (some coming through thanks to the new Junior division), and all the while their better senior players were too often required by the higher grades due to the player drain mentioned previously.

They finished last in the Premiership competition but won enough one-day games to avoid the wooden spoon there.

Captain Tony Bright (with 368 runs and 15 wickets) was outstanding, and he received help at times from Des Carruthers with 218 runs, and veteran spinner Ray Turnbull, who claimed 30 wickets, and in the process he passed the 500 wicket milestone for the club.

Spartan Legend and veteran spinner Ray Turnbull had an excellent year, capturing 30 wickets and passing the 500 wicket milestone for the Club in the process!

5th Grade:

Captained By Peter Lansbury

Like the fourths the Fifth Grade too generally took the field with inexperienced teams. They had a couple of successes, but finished last in both the Premiership and one-day competitions.

Veteran stalwart Graeme Ashley was the leading batsman, scoring 310 runs, while Peter Lansbury (233 runs) and Chris Grant (19 wickets) were the only other performers of note.

6th Grade – PREMIERS!

Captained By Peter Lansbury

This team was certainly the on-field highlight at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club in season 1999/2000, and proved to be far too strong for this grade to finish a record 45 points clear on top of the points list at the end of the qualifying rounds.

They then won both their Semi Final and the Grand Final without being troubled by the opposition.

As one would expect, there were many outstanding performances throughout the season, coming in the form of Glen Dobson with 654 runs and 30 wickets, Jim Leinasars’ 515 runs and 24 wickets, Peter Ferguson’s 574 runs and 13 wickets (in only half the season), Phil Flavell with 569 runs and 19 catches, Dave Hackett with 430 runs and David Jones’ 228 runs and 36 wickets.

A portion of this side wasn’t always available, and many were in the veteran category and most couldn’t train but they obviously had a formula that worked, and deservedly claimed the Premiership in one of the most dominant displays by a Spartan side in history.

However it was quickly recognised that for the betterment of the Club, some of these players had to move   up the ranks to support the inexperienced players in those grades – a task that was easier said than done when a Premiership was all but theirs for the taking.

The Premiership Victory

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club 9/225 (Peter Ferguson 57, Glen Dobson 31) defeated Kenwick 10/132 (Glen Dobson 3/35) by ninety three runs at John Connell Reserve.

The Premiership Team (In Batting Order):  D. Hackett, R. McDonald, P. Flavell, P. Ferguson, G. Dobson, D. Stammers, J. Leinasars, J. Parsons, G. Boyes (Captain), D. Jones, C. Bibrlik.

Members from the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club inside the old John Connell Reserve clubrooms in 1998.

President Calls Stumps:

After decades of dedication that seemingly showed no signs of slowing down, Brian Waterer announced his retirement from the position of President in 2000, after twenty one years at the helm.

Brian’s efforts had gone into overdrive in recent seasons, with the formation of a new cricketing association, development of a clubhouse that was to be the envy of the competition, a number of sensational Premierships and the introduction of a junior cricket Club all in the last four years.

This was truly the end of an era, as it was the first time since the 1960s that the Club would not have Brian on the Committee in some fashion. In fact, in his 42 years with the Spartan Cricket Club, he had been President for 21 seasons, Vice President for 5 seasons and Secretary for 12.

Furthermore, Brian had also been President of the Fremantle and Districts Mercantile Cricket Association for 15 years, and had served as its Vice President and the inaugural Vice President of the newly formed South Metropolitan Cricket Association for a number of years.

To cap it off, Brian had served as a Trustee and Chairman of the Protests & Disputes tribunal.

Waterer was a five time Premiership player – four of which he captained, and played a record 446 games for the Spartans (225 of which as captain), scored 7631 runs with 2 centuries, took 159 catches and captured 94 wickets.

As founding chairman of the Leeming Sportsmans Association he had been the driving force behind the Club moving to John Connell and the subsequent development of a new clubroom complex and additional grounds for the venue.

For his unparalleled efforts across not only the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club but the entire association, Brian Waterer was awarded the Australian Sports Medal in October 2000 by the Federal Government to recognise his contribution to cricket over a span of 42 years.

Brian did return two seasons later to lead the Club for the final time from 2002 to 2007, overseeing the opening of the new clubroom facility, further cementing his place as one of the – if not the – greatest ever Spartans.

The Era In Review:

The Club marked its move into unchartered waters in emphatic style, taking out three Premierships in what was our first year since 1929 in an association other than the F&DMCA.

From there, we continued to expand at a rapid rate, with our President Brian Waterer and his outstanding Committee (including Gary Boyes, Paul Hitch, Graeme Ashley, Graeme Pound, Peter Read, Peter McGilvray and Greg Dudley) a big reason as to why this was possible, and saw extreme changes including the development of our new multi-million dollar clubhouse and Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club division.

The Spartan Cricket Club has always had a strong relationship with the organising body, with many Spartans having served on the committee of both the Fremantle and South Metropolitan cricketing associations, so it certainly wasn’t an easy task to dissolve an association we had been part of for sixty-seven years, since before the Second World War.

Nevertheless, feelings had to be put aside if the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was to continue, as it was evident that the F&DMCA had lost its status as a competitive association and something had to be done to ensure our longevity.

Our move to the South Suburban Cricket Association one year before the two merged into the South Metropolitan Cricket Association highlighted how the Club is always one step ahead of the game, never slow to act to secure whatever is best for the Club as a whole.

This was certainly a great deal of work, and it didn’t slow from there. Less than one year later in 1997, the Club launched an audacious plan with the Melville City Council and two other local sporting clubs to work towards a new multi-million dollar clubhouse, which was opened in 2003. This was an enormous project that certainly set the Club in great stead for the decades that followed.

As if that wasn’t enough, the twentieth century was capped off with the creation of our Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club division, and in just three years, through sheer hard work, Brian and the Club had achieved something truly immeasurable that has made us the envy of the competition.

It is perhaps most evident through the fact that we annually host the SMCA’s season windup, with our clubrooms the only ones capable of holding an event that celebrates all twenty seven clubs within the association and is attended by over two hundred people.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s sensational Committee had laid the foundation for the years to come, and the summers of 1996 to 1999 are to go down in Spartan history as perhaps the most influential of any season at any club, in any of the three associations.

This was a hugely successful period for the Club, and the efforts of Brian Waterer and the Committee are to be commended. A fantastic way to round out the millennium, and a sensational way to begin the next one.

The Leeming Spartan Sixth Grade on John Connell Reserve in 1998.

See More Photos From This Era

The Era In Statistics:

Leading Spartans From The F&DMCA:

#Most GamesMost RunsMost WicketsMost Catches
1.B.M. Waterer435B.M. Waterer7511B.G. James635G.E. Ashley237
2.M. Pietroniro319P.A. Read7195R.B. Stanton619L.J. Donovan189
3.P.A. Read309H. Bell6322G. Pluske601B.M. Waterer158
4.D.J. Blight298M. Pietroniro6057M. Pietroniro430B.G. James148
5.B.G. James280L.F. Read5138R.R. Turnbull421D.J. Blight144
6.R.R. Turnbull247J. Spencer5024B. Maher389H. Bell140
7.E.J.B. Preedy239B.G. James4579C.W. Bibrlik346R.E. Gough139
8.H. Bell219D.J. Blight4399K. Warner309J. Spencer138
9.R.B. Stanton215E.J.B. Preedy4168D.J. Blight292M. Pietroniro135
10.P.J. Dama205P.J. Dama3763P. Clement286D.M.P. Deering130
11.L.F. Read205G.S. Mazzini3702E.J.B. Preedy279L.F. Read129
12.G.S. Mazzini199G.E. Ashley3674S.A. Carter230D.J. Rose125
13.G.E. Ashley198P.A. McGilvray3603P. Kynaston228P.A. Read114
14.R.E. Gough194R.E. Gough3180S. Blight212R. Spencer107

Leading Performers From The F&DMCA:

#Most Games As CaptainMost CenturiesMost Half CenturiesMost Five Wicket Hauls
1.B.M. Waterer225J. Spencer8P.A. Read28G. Pluske31
2.I. McClumpha110H. Bell5H. Bell25R.B. Stanton31
3.D.J. Blight105R.J. Manning5M. Pietroniro23B.G. James27
4.P.A. McGilvray105R. Caporn4P.A. McGilvray21B. Maher21
5.L.F. Read89L.F. Read4L.F. Read20I. McClumpha18
6.C.A. Crompton86P.A. Read4R. Spencer20P.A. Clement15
7.M. Pietroniro82B.M. Waterer18C.W. Bibrlik15

Leeming Spartan Presidents:

President Seasons Years Held
Rev. W.R. Hibbert 1918-1920 2
S. Thomson 1920-1942 22
A.E. West 1945-1959 14
J. Knox-Peden 1959-1978 19
B.M. Waterer 1978-1982 4
P.J. Dama 1982-1983 1
B.M. Waterer 1983-2000 17

Chapter Thanks:

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Scoring out the front of the John Connell Reserve change rooms, circa 1998.

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