Featured on this page is the complete list of Premierships recorded by the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club since our inception in 1918.

The list covers all premierships in all grades and associations, dating back to our very first in the 1922/23 season. 

You can view the inaugural Premiership photo (and a few others) below, or click here to view the full list of recorded Premiership Photos.

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Also listed below is the complete list of Premierships in the First Grade or top division.

It is worth noting that the Club had only one side and there was only one division until the 1965/66 season, and therefore all Premierships until this point were in the First Grade.

The 1992/93 Premiership is amongst the most significant as it was the greatest period of time between First Grade Premierships, caused largely due to a very strong competition.

The previous was in 1973, meaning it would take twenty years before the Spartans claimed another First Grade flag.

The 1920/21 1st Grade Premiership saw the 1st Grade complete a hat trick of Premierships, winning in 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Leeming Spartan Premierships:

#SeasonAssociationMatch TypeClub's DivisionAssociation GradeCaptain
1.1922/23Churches Association1st Grade1st GradeR. Prince
2.1925/26Churches Association1st Grade1st GradeR. Kirk
3.1956/57F&DMCA1st Grade2nd GradeE. Dumble
4.1960/61F&DMCAUnder SixteenUnder SixteenH. Kenworthy
5.1969/70F&DMCA1st Grade1st GradeL.F. Read
6.1972/73F&DMCA1st Grade1st GradeR. Caporn
7.1973/74F&DMCA2nd Grade2nd GradeB.M. Waterer
8.1975/76F&DMCA3rd Grade3rd GradeB.M. Waterer
9.1976/77F&DMCA3rd Grade3rd GradeB.M. Waterer
10.1976/77F&DMCAColtsR. Griffiths
11.1978/79F&DMCA4th GradeL.F. Read
12.1979/80F&DMCATwo-Day4th GradeB.M. Waterer
13.1992/93F&DMCATwo-Day1st Grade1st GradeP.A. McGilvray
14.1993/94F&DMCATwo-Day3rd Grade3rd GradeD.J. Blight
15.1994/95F&DMCATwo-Day5th Grade5th GradeR.J. Manning
16.1995Victoria ParkWinter CompetitionG. Pound
17.1996/97SSCATwo-Day2nd Grade – Division 22nd GradeP. Agostino
18.1996/97SSCAOne-Day2nd Grade – Division 22nd GradeP. Agostino
19.1996/97SSCATwo-Day6th Grade6th GradeA.G. Cole
20.1997/98SMCAOne-Day Knockout1st Grade1st GradeG.B. Dudley
21.1997/98SMCATwo-Day4th Grade4th GradeG.K. Boyes
22.1997/98SMCATwo-Day6th Grade6th GradeA.G. Cole
23.1998/99SMCATwo-Day3rd Grade – Division One3rd GradeP.A. Read
24.1998/99SMCATwo-Day2nd Grade2nd GradeS.J. Hersey
25.1999/00SMCATwo-Day6th Grade6th GradeG.K. Boyes
26.2000/01SMCAOne-Day3rd Grade3rd GradeG. Pound
27.2000/01SMCATwo-Day3rd Grade3rd GradeG. Pound
28.2000/01SMCATwo-Day6th Grade6th GradeD. Hackett
29.2001/02SMCATwo-Day5th Grade5th GradeR.J. Manning
30.2002/03SMCAOne-Day3rd Grade3rd GradeG. Pound
31.2002/03SMCATwo-Day5th Grade5th GradeR.J. Manning
32.2003/04SMCATwo-Day2nd Grade2nd GradeM. Dargie
33.2003/04SMCATwo-Day6th Grade6th GradeP .J. Flavell
34.2004/05SMCATwo-Day1st Grade1st GradeK. Adair
35.2006/07SMCATwo-Day1st Grade1st GradeW.S. Fontana
36.2006/07SMCAOne-Day5th GradeOne Day 'B'D.G. Humble
37.2008/09SMCATwo-Day1st Grade1st GradeM.P. Atkinson
38.2008/09SMCAOne-Day3rd Grade3rd GradeS.J. Davies
39.2008/09SMCATwo-Day5th Grade6th GradeG.K. Boyes
40.2010/11SMCATwo-Day1st Grade1st GradeT .P. Lavender
41.2010/11SMCAOne-Day4th Grade6th GradeD.E. Putland
42.2010/11SMCAOne-Day6th GradeOne Day 'B'R.J. McDonald
43.2011/12SMCAOne-Day3rd Grade5th GradeS.J.Hersey
44.2011/12SMCATwo-Day3rd Grade5th GradeS.J. Hersey
45.2012/13SMCAOne-Day1st Grade1st GradeP.A. Kalleske
46.2012/13SMCATwo-Day3rd Grade5th GradeS.J. Hersey
47.2013/14SMCAOne-Day4th Grade6th GradeA.B. Seaward
48.2014/15SMCATwo-Day3rd Grade5th GradeD.E. Putland
49.2014/15SMCAOne-Day5th GradeOne Day 'D'D. Hewson
50.2015/16SMCATwo-Day3rd Grade5th GradeD.E. Putland
51.2017/18SMCATwo Day3rd Grade7th GradeD.E.Putland
52.2017/18SMCAOne Day5th GradeOne Day 'D'R.J.McDonald
53.2017/18SMCAOne Day6th GradeOne Day 'F'G.A.Tysoe
54.2017/18SMCAF15 GradeP.A.Kalleske
55.2018/19SMCA Two Day1st Grade 1st GradeP.A.Kalleske
56.2018/19SMCAOne Day4th GradeOne Day 'B'J.McArdle
57.2018/19SMCAOne Day6th Grade One Day 'D'G.A.Tysoe
58.2019/20SMCATwo Day - Shared1st Grade1st GradeP.A.Kalleske
59.2019/20SMCAOne Day 1st Grade 1st GradeP.A.Kalleske
60.2019/20SMCAOne Day - Shared4th GradeOne Day 'A'J.McArdle
612019/20SMCAOne Day - Shared6th GradeOne Day 'E'R.J.McDonald
62.2020/21SMCATwo Day1st Grade1st GradeP.A.Kalleske
63.2020/21SMCAOne Day3rd GradeOne Day 'A'J.McArdle
64.2020/21SMCAOne Day7th GradeOne Day 'F'G.A.Tysoe
65.2021/22SMCAOne Day5th GradeOne Day 'B'N.Hewson
66.2021/22SMCAOne Day3rd Grade7th GradeR.J.McDonald
67.2021/22SMCAF15 GradeC.C.Forsyth

Last Updated: June 2022

Premierships By Grade:

1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade6th Grade7th Grade8th GradeColts (U16)F15 Grade
1972/731996/97 (O.D.)1998/992010/11 (O.D.)2006/072000/01
1992/931998/992000/01 (O.D.)2013/14 (O.D.)2008/092003/04
1997/98 (K.O.)2003/042000/012018/192017/182010/11
2004/052002/03 (O.D.)2019/20 [Shared]2021/222014/15
2006/072008/09 (O.D.)2017/18
2008/092011/12 (O.D.)2018/19
2010/112011/122019/20 [Shared]
2012/13 (O.D.)2012/13
2018/192014/15 (O.D.)
2019/20 [Shared]2015/16
2019/20 (O.D.)2017/18
2020/21 [Hat trick]2020/21
2021/22 (O.D.)

Last Updated: June 2022

First Grade Premierships:

#SeasonAssociationMatch TypeDivisionCaptain
1.1922/23Churches Association1st GradeR. Prince
2.1925/26Churches Association1st GradeR. Kirk
3.1969/70F&DMCA1st GradeL.F. Read
4.1972/73F&DMCA1st GradeR. Caporn
5.1992/93F&DMCATwo-Day1st GradeP.A. McGilvray
6.1997/98SMCAOne-Day Knockout1st GradeG.B. Dudley
7.2004/05SMCA1st GradeK. Adair
8.2006/07SMCA1st GradeW.S. Fontana
9.2008/09SMCATwo-Day1st GradeM.P. Atkinson
10.2010/11SMCATwo-Day1st GradeT .P. Lavender
11.2012/13SMCAOne-Day1st GradeP.A. Kalleske
12.2018/19SMCATwo Day1st GradeP.A. Kalleske
13.2019/20SMCATwo Day [Shared]1st GradeP.A. Kalleske
14.2020/21SMCATwo Day1st GradeP.A. Kalleske

Last Updated: April 2021

Our First Premiership:

Our First Premiership was recorded in the 1922/23 season. Notice the black pads, as was a common sight at the time. Click the image to view it in its full size.

1956/57 Second Grade Premiership:

The Famous 1992/93 Flag:

The 1992/93 Premiership was historic for many reasons, most significantly because it was our first First Grade flag in two decades.

Our most recent Premiership came in 2016, when Dale Putland led the 5th Grade to the two-day flag in a victory over East Fremantle.

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