Tabled below is the complete list of Spartans who have received Life Membership of the South Metropolitan Cricket Association, and earlier, the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association.

This list differs from our Life Members, who are the outstanding individuals who have dedicated years worth of service to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club. This list includes those Spartans who have received Life Membership of the organisation in which we compete.

The Club participated in the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association (F&DMCA) from 1929 to when it merged into the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA) in 1996, in which we remain to this day.

The Life Memberships and work completed by Spartan members from the F&DMCA was transferred to this new association that same year.

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In all, ten Spartans have been inducted as Life Members of the F&DMCA/SMCA, since the first, our third President Mr. Albert West was inducted in 1938. At that time, he had not yet lead the Club as President.

There are a total of sixty association Life Members from all Clubs, and the last Spartan to receive association life membership was Graeme Ashley in 2019.

See below for the complete list of Spartan inductees and all other inductees of association Life Membership in the tables, as well as photos of some of our Association Life Members.

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Spartan Association Life Members:

YearSpartanHighest Position HeldSpan
1938A.E. WestSecretary1919-1957
1951J. Knox-PedenVice President
Club Delegate
1970C.A. CromptonClub Delegate1953-1968
1972B.M. WatererPresident1965-1981
1973W.J. RaynerClub Delegate1953-1968
1975A.E. DyerSecretary1961-1966
1976L.F. ReadClub Delegate1960-1973
1980W.L. FarmerPresident1980-1984
1982J. SpencerAssociation Delegate1959-1975
2023R.J.McDonaldTribunal Chairman2009-2019

Last Updated: March 2023

All Association Life Members:

Year Inducted SMCA Life Member Year Inducted SMCA Life Member
  Mr. Les Waller   Mr. D.M. Bridges (†)
  Mr. Percy Garrett   Mr. A.J. Howell (†)
  Mr. Fred Halse (†)  1970 Mr. C.A. Compton (†)
  Mr. Bill Clare   Mr. T.J. Hegarty 
  Mrs. Molly Clare   Mr. L.J. Kelly
  Mr. Jim McKenna (†)  1972 Mr. B.M. Waterer
  Mr. Laurie Boyle   Mr. J.W. Fletcher (†)
  Mr. John Nicholas  1973 Mr. W.J. Rayner (†) 
  Mr. Kevin Williams   Mr. J.A. Keeling (†)
  Mr. Ray Hutchings   Mr. R.C. Beale (†) 
  Mr. Ernie Lang  1975 Mr. A.E. Dyer (†)
  Mr. Jim McClure  1976 Mr. L.F. Read (†) 
  Mr. Barrie Mattison (†)   Mr. D.N. Podmore (†) 
  Mrs. Margaret Rayner   Mr. C.H. Retallack 
  Mrs. Angela Charlton  1980 Mr. W.L. Farmer (†) 
  Mr. Ray Howe   Mr. J.E. Jones 
 1938 Mr. Albert West (†)   Mr. P.V. Dunning (†) 
  Mr. W.A. Restieaux (†)  1980 Mr. J. Spencer (†) 
 1951 Mr. Jack Knox-Peden (†)   Mr. G. Forster 
  Mr. J.T. Grose (†)   Mr. L. Capes 
  Mr. C.T. Jennings (†)   Mr. G. Santich 
  Mr. E.S. Webb (†)    Mr. I. Hale 
  Mr. R.J. Williamson (†)   Mr. R.M. Killeen 
  Mr. HC Ellis (†)   Mr. F. Camporeale 
  Mr. J.W. Hughes (†)   Mr. J. Troode 
  Mr. G.A. Morris (†)   Mr. R. Felder 
  Mr. J.A. Kitson (†)   Mr. M. Freeman 
  Mr. R.A. Hopkins (†)   Mr. G. Verco 
  Mr. C.H. Tyson (†)   Mr. R. Sims 
  Mr. F.J. Wyllie   Mr. T. Kift 
    2019 Mr. G.E.Ashley
    2023 Mr. R.J.McDonald

(†) Indicates Life Member is deceased. Bolded Life Members indicate Spartans. Blank year inducted indicates year of Life Membership is unknown.

Last Updated: March 2023

About Association Life Membership:

More information can about Life Membership can be found on the South Metropolitan Cricket Association’s website, the governing body for the competition in which a person is inducted.

As outlined in their constitution, Life Membership may be awarded for significant contributions and exemplary service for the advancement of cricket to the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (and previously the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association).

Nominations for Life Membership must be forwarded in writing to the SMCA Administrator by the completion of the current cricket season. Nominations will then be considered by the SMCA Life Membership Sub Committee, and any member of the Association may nominate a person for Life Membership of the Association.

In determining the level of significance, the Associations Life Membership Sub-Committee should consider this in light of very high quality service for the advancement of cricket. While a considerable length of time of service is important, the overall criterion is the quality of service.

A maximum of one new Life Member per year will be appointed unless exceptional or special circumstances exist, and a new Life Member of the Association will be presented a Life Member’s badge at the Association’s Annual Presentation Night.


The criteria for consideration of association Life Membership includes, but is not limited to:

  • Playing and representing the Association in inter-Association matches.
  • Coaching/Managing Association teams.
  • Administration of the Association.
  • Umpiring within the Association and representative level.
  • General contribution – including fundraising, supporting and any other criteria that a Committee may see as relevant that directly supports the Association.

Association Life Membership Facts:

  • The first Spartan to win the award was Albert West in 1938.
  • In all, eleven Spartans have been inducted .
  • The most recent Spartan to have been inducted as an Association Life Member is Graeme Ashley in 2019.
  • Only three living Spartan Association Life Members remain, Brian Waterer,  Graeme Ashley and Ron McDonald


Brian Waterer, our longest-serving President and Association Life Member, inducted 1972, speaks at our 90th Anniversary in 2008.

Left: Lew Read speaking at our Windup after receiving his Spartan Life Membership in 1970. Six years later he would be inducted as an Association Life Member.

Right: Messrs Read and Jack Knox-Peden, our President of the time, at the same Windup. Both men are Association Life Members.

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