Listed below are the leading career aggregates of Spartans during our time in the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA), the organisation we have competed in since 1997.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, founded in 1918, joined the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA) in 1997, having been a part of the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association (F&DMCA) since 1929, and this particular table below lists all of the leading performers – in terms of runs scored, wickets and catches taken, and games played during our time in this newest association.

The 1990’s saw the F&DMCA begin to decline as a competitive body with a gradual erosion of teams, and when North Fremantle resigned in 1995, their passing left only seven clubs and 35 teams (a drop of ten teams and two clubs from 1990) in this association.

At the beginning of the 1995/96 season, meetings were held with another association, the South Suburban Cricket Association, with a view to a merger taking place for the 1997/98 season. However, prior to the 1996/97 season, one of the SSCA’s leading clubs in Thornlie decided to move to a turf association so the SSCA offered Spartans their place.

After a meeting between the club committee and its current life members the decision was made for Spartans to join the SSCA. It wasn’t until 1997/98 did the F&DMCA and the SSCA merge to form the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA).

These statistics only incorporate the years between 1997-2020 when the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was part of the South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA).

A special thank you to Graeme Ashley for keeping these statistics recorded. Without Graeme’s immeasurable efforts, any record of these achievements simply could not exist.

Leading Spartan SMCA Aggregates:

#Games PlayedSpartanRuns ScoredSpartanWickets TakenSpartanCatches TakenSpartan
#Games PlayedSpartanRuns ScoredSpartanWickets TakenSpartanCatches TakenSpartan
1.372R.J. McDonald10735B.K. Mant553M.J. Bennett311A.B. Seaward
2.338B.K. Mant6000J.P. Cunningham418S.P. Wright274B.K. Mant
3.280Blake Carter5320C.T. Pereira409S.J. Davies187P.A. Kalleske
4.278D.W.Abercrombie5132A.F.Walker354393S.J. Hersey175S.A. Buckby
5.275G.K. Boyes5081P.S. Ferguson375A.S. Wragg155 G.K. Boyes
6.263A.B. Seaward4055D.E. Putland363Blake Carter136K.M. Poller
7.255S.J. Hersey4790P.J. Flavell348A.J. Gibbs130D.J. Rose
8.245A.S. Wragg4378K.M. Poller301B.J. Rushton126P.V. Phillips
9.245S.J. Davies4353G.R. Bond282D.W. Abercrombie125C.T. Pereira
10.241K.M. Poller4270S.P. Wright281J. Leinasars12A.F. Walker
11.241G.A. Finlay4204M.P. Atkinson276W.S. Fontana116J.R. Foster
12.238A. McGhie4109Matt Smith262J.R. Foster113C. Moncrieff
13.232J. Leinasars4098D.J. Hambleton220G.A. Finlay113S.J. Hersey
14.229M.J. Bennett4057D.J. Bight225G.J. Poller111P.J. Flavell
15.229S.P. Wright4051P.L. Hitch224M.P. Atkinson107G.R. Bond
16.227C.T. Pereira4013R.J. McDonald210Beau Carter104R.J. McDonald
17.219G.K. Hack4012G.J. Parise205K.M. Poller102Blake Carter
18.216A.F. Walker3841C. Moncrieff1202P.L. Hitch101D.G. Humble
19.216G.R. Bond3809P.A. Kalleske196I.T. Murfitt98A. McGhie
20.214S.G. Oates3795J.R. Foster193M.R. Wood96S.P. Wright
21.212Beau Carter3773R. Lee192A. Mavini90Beau Carter
22.203J.P. Cunningham3770J.Leinasars191J.G. Sweetman88J.W. Gibson
23.194J.R. Foster3747D.W. Abercrombie190K.R. Wade85M.P. Atkinson
24.190D.E. Putland3640S.J. Hersey179R.J. Manning84J.P. Cunningham
25.189D.J. Blight3547A.S. Wragg179S.K. Natarajan81D.J. Blight
26.186K.D. Boyes3538Beau Carter172A.A. Lacey81A.J. Gibbs
27.181G.J. Poller3454Blake Carter168S.J. Murfitt81J. Leinasars
28.178Ben Carter3312G.K. Hack167S.N. McGowan77D. Carruthers
29.171G. Burgess3176R.J. Manning161D. Jones76P.S. Ferguson
30.170A.J. Gibbs3155G.R. Dudley152G. Pound74Matt Smith
31.169P.A. Kalleske3144W.S. Fontana149Matt Smith74M.J. Bennett
32.167Matt Smith2954L. Carlson145J. Parsons72G.A. Finlay
33.166P.J. Flavell2947D. Hodgetts144G. Burgess72S.W. Kirk
34.163B.M. Greenshields2885P.J. Brown143P.J. Flavell72M.D. Wake
35.160J. Parsons2838T.P. Lavender143K.B. Salzmann71A.L. Morgan
36.160B.J. Rushton2736J.W. Gibson143C. Spinella71G.E. Ashley
37.159C. Moncreiff2708D.J. Rose143M.e. Simpson71J. Parsons
38.153P.L. Hitch2647G. Dobson138G.K. Hack71R. Shaw
39.149M.P.Atkinson237A.R. Bright135A.R. Bright69S.J. Davies
40.148D.J. Rose2618S. Hall134S.J. Foster69G.J. Poller
41.146S. Hennessey2614D. Hackett132G.J. Parise68S. Quartermaine
42.145P.S. Ferguson2594G.A. Tysoe131A.G. Ballantyne68B.J. Rushton
43.145T.S. Fryers2487G. Pound129G. Dobson66R. Lee
44.141G.A. Tysoe2460M.R. Scarterfield128J. McArdle65D.E. Putland
45.140N.R. Wood2443D.W. Eparaima127J.P. Cunningham64S. Hinchcliffe
46.139S.N. McGowan2415A.B. Seaward124M.A. Elvidge64G.J. Parise
47.137I.T. Murfitt2412A. McGhie123M.M. Hosking63C. Wilson
48.136S.J. Murfitt2411G.A. Finlay122B.M. Harken63D.P. Halden
49.136G.J. O'Neill2885A.J. Gibbs120R.R. Turnbull63D.W. Abercrombie
50.129P.J. Brown2736J.W. Gibson119R. Blazevich63G.A. Tysoe

Last Updated: May 2019