Have an iOS Device? Now, there’s a new way to stay up to date with the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

With the introduction of iOS 9 and later, Apple has introduced their own Apple News application, meaning you can subscribe to receive news from the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club!

Learn about Apple News and how to subscribe to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club below! It’s very easy to do!

It’s worth noting that every post on our website will automagically be added into Apple News – so if you really wanted to, you could solely use Apple News to get your Spartan fix!

All the news you want. All in one place.

Apple News collects all the stories you want to read — so you no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed. And with a completely re-imagined For You tab, it’s easier than ever to find the stories that matter most to you.

News also features breaking news notifications and subscriptions to some of your favourite publications. (Source: Apple)

An easy read.

News is designed to be beautiful to look at and easy to use. It devotes maximum screen space to the content itself, with a minimal toolbar that gives you complete control with just a few taps. Browse a personalised news feed, see what’s new with your favourite publications, or dive in and explore. (Source: Apple)

A captivating experience!

News brings the beautiful editorial layouts and typography of print to the screen, with articles that reflect the style of their publications. Enjoy interactive and engaging stories, rich with photo galleries, videos and animation. Articles are optimised for both iPhone and iPad, so you’ll have a great reading experience no matter which device you’re using. (Source: Apple)

How to subscribe to Leeming Spartan on News:

It’s easy to do, and is one of the best ways to read our articles from your device. Read on below to find out how to add the Spartans to News!

Please note, this only works on Apple devices running iOS 9 or later.

There are two ways of subscribing to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, the easiest is through the Apple News app itself.

Simply go into the News app, do a search for Leeming Spartan and tap the “heart” button to save us to your favourites!

You only ever need to do this once, and if you have multiple iOS Devices, your subscription will automatically sync via iCloud to all of them!

Step One:

Locate your Apple News application on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 9 or later.

Step Two:

Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen, and then do a search for ‘Leeming Spartan’ or ‘Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’.

Step Three:

Once we’ve popped up in the results, simply tap the love heart icon on the right hand side to turn it red – you’ve now added Leeming Spartan Cricket Club to your favourites!

Step Four:

At the bottom of the app, tap the favourites button and there we are, alongside any other sources you’ve added (if any).

See, there we are, amidst the incredibly undecipherable other channels on this iPhone! 

Step Five:

Actually, that’s it! Tap on the Spartan icon to start reading all our latest news stories!

We’ve also cleverly divided them into categories – visible at the top below our logo – to help assist with your reading experience!

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club on Apple News!

Option 2:

You can also subscribe to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club on Apple News by heading to our website on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in Safari running iOS 9 or later.

Then, simply tap the share button at the bottom, and tap the “Add to News” button.

Then, load up Apple News, and there we are!

Tap the share button  in Safari, and then tap the “Add to News” button. Then go into the Apple News app, and there we are!

And that is how you subscribe to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club on Apple News!

How to unsubscribe:

In order to unsubscribe from Leeming Spartan on Apple News, simply go to the top right and hit the heart with a line through it!