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Round 3 – Saturday 20th & 27th October 2018

#First GradeFirst Grade Player IDThird GradeThird Grade Player IDFifth GradeFifth Grade Player ID
Regular CaptainPaul KalleskeWill WebberGlenn Hack
CaptainPaul Kalleske21851Will Webber
176587Daniel Coombs

2Todd Gill
815144Peter Waite
16566Luke Dawson671568
3Marc Dodds23499Tom Frantom
1517335Nathan Hitch
4Mark Elvidge121948Matthew Klumpp

671571Julien McMahon

5Chad Forsyth131229Nick Manifis16571Sre Natarajan906832
6Ben Harris129223Anthony McGhie114886Aaron Pezzali
7Rhys Jones113339
Matthew McGuire1334238
Sam Pitkethley
8Dan McClure113356
Craig Pereira114898Dale Putland
9 Kodie McKrill 34693Adam Seaward114907Michael Simpson
10Adam Morgan671574Andrew Silveira791663Jack Whitelaw
11Logan Wake671583Andrew Whitelaw908318
11A Brad Eames
11B Josh Foster 272241
Match TypeTwo-Day (75-Overs)Two-Day (75-Overs)Two-Day (65-Overs)
Ground NameJohn Connell ReserveHarmony Fields SouthTrevor Gribble Park
Match Location18 Dimond Court
Leeming , 6149
Alcock St & Gosnells Road West,
Maddington, 6109
Cnr Karel Ave & Parry Ave, Bull Creek, 6149
  • Games begin at 1:00pm on Saturday, October 20th. Please arrive no later than 12:00pm.
  • This is a two-day fixture with 75-overs for First and Third grades and 65-overs for Fifth grade.
  • Use your finger or mouse to scroll and move horizontally along the table to view all selections.

Round 2 – Saturday 20th October 2018

#One Day 'B'One Day 'B' Player IDOne Day 'C'One Day 'C' Player IDOne Day 'D'One Day 'D' Player IDOne Day 'G'One Day 'G' Player ID
Regular CaptainJordan McArdleRon McDonaldGraeme TysoeChubba D'Angelo
CaptainJordan McArdle46065
Ron McDonald114885Graeme Tysoe265797 Chubba D'Angelo1355012
2Matthew Gibb114846
Bad Mant114883
Geoff Burgess678396Steven Baker1323388
3Graeme Bond114811Peter Brown115192
Mick Bennett114808Blake Benning1822405
4Vijay D'Souza1810406Derek Coldstream1823381

Blake Carter114822Chris Edwards627266
5Jeremy Gibson114848
Kaigan Coldstream1823383
Mitch Gardiner1622802
Cian Flynn 569984
6Neil Hewson193259
Shannon Davies114832Bill Greenshields114849
Wayne Hardie145707
7Shane McKenner1388345
Glynn Haasy52499
Matthew Jansen1712433Thomas Krollig 1712433
8Cale Millett1712433Shayne Hersey114860
Sean McGowan908317Jonothan Oliver1802680
9Paul Popiel82527
Jay O'Neill121943
Sean Oates128826Roshane Perera 1338430
10Kyle Putland114903
Riley Sutherland1712424
Wade Robertson92255
Chris Rajandra438777
11Shaun Wyn Jones258654
Andrew Wragg114929946708Darren Woodward144143Tim Rejek660891
Ground NameGwynne Park (C)
Shelley Oval Alan Edwards Reserve Peter Ellis Park
Match LocationSeventh Road, Armadale, 6112
32 Koolan Ave Rossmoyne, 6148Cnr South St & North Lake Rd, Kardinya, 6163Farrington Street, Leeming, 6149
  • Games begin at 1:00pm on Saturday, October 20th. Please arrive no later than 12:00pm.
  • This is a one-day fixture with 40-overs for our One Day 'B' and One Day 'C' Grades, and 35-overs for our One Day 'D' and One Day 'G' Grades.
  • Use your finger or mouse to scroll and move horizontally along the table to view all selections.

Match Day Information & Fixtures:

To find out important match day information including where you are playing, against whom and what you need to bring, please see the Fixtures page at the top of our website or click the image below!

The fixtures include the location of each grade, the match type (40 over or two-day), as well as the opposition and ground address.

Leeming Spartan Club Selection Policy:

Please make sure you are aware of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s Selection Policy to ensure you can aid the selectors in a selection process that is as smooth as possible.

The Policy has been updated ahead of the 2018/19 season.

"It is now possible that alterations to the listed selections may be made on the Thursday prior to the game. The selections (if known) will then be updated here."

It is a condition of your membership at the club that you follow the points listed in the Club Selection Policy.

The Policy is designed in order to provide the best possible selection process to our club members.

Player Unavailability Form:

If you know in advance that you will be missing matches (or weekends), it is highly important to notify the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

The easiest and fastest way of doing this is by completing our Unavailability Form, which is sent directly to our Chairman of Selectors, Anthony McGhie.

To complete the form and notify the Club of your absence, please click here!

Potential Errors:

  • For an immediate response, please contact our Selection Hotline on 0419 959 460 or Daniel Coombs on 0438 005 493.
  • Please report any errors to
  • Contacting our Selection Panel, via the Selection Panel Sheet before the evening of a match is the recommended way to ensure your enquiries are answered.
  • If you are not listed in any side but are available to play, it is your responsibility to contact the selectors, as outlined in our Selection Policy.

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