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Round Eleven - Saturday 18th & 25th January, 2020

Grade1st Grade3rd Grade5th GradeF15
CaptainPaul KalleskeAdam Morgan & Peter WaiteGlenn HackPaul
Playing DatesSaturday 18th & 25th JanuarySaturday 18th & 25th JanuarySaturday 18th & 25th January Tuesday 21st January
Start Time1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm 5:15pm
Match LengthTwo-Day (75-Overs)Two-Day (75-Overs)Two-Day (65-Overs)One-Day (15 Overs)
Ground NameMelville ReserveJohn Connell ReserveTrevor Gribble ReserveJohn Connell Reserve
Ground AddressStock Road,
Melville, 6156
Dimond Court,
Leeming, 6149
Parry Avenue,
Bull Creek, 6149
Dimond Court,
Leeming, 6149
Afternoon TeaNoYesYes No
Match Fees1x $25.001x $25.00
  • Games begin at 1:00pm on Saturday, January 18th & 25th. Please arrive no later than 12:00pm.
  • This is a two-day fixture with 75-overs for First,Third grade with 65-overs for Fifth grade.
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Round Twelve - Saturday 18th January, 2020

GradeOne Day 'A'One Day 'C'One Day 'E'One Day 'H'
CaptainJordan McArdleGraeme TysoeRon McDonaldChubba D'Angelo
Playing DatesSaturday 18th JanuarySaturday 18th JanuarySaturday 18th January Saturday 18th January
Start Time1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm
OpponentPhoenixKwinanaPiara WatersArmadale
Match LengthOne-Day (35-Overs)One-Day (35-Overs)One-Day (35-Overs)One-Day (35-Overs)
Ground NameShelley OvalGilmore CollegeSutherlands Park B1Gwynne Park D
Ground AddressKoolan Drive,
Shelley, 6148
Dargin Place,
Orelia, 6167
Gay Street,
Huntingdale, 6110
Seventh Road,
Armadale, 6112
Afternoon TeaYesNoNoNo
Match Fees1x $25.001x $25.001x $25.00 1x $25.00
  • Games begin at 1:00pm on Saturday, January 18th. Please arrive no later than 12:00pm.
  • This is a one-day fixture with 35-overs for all Grades.
  • Use your finger or mouse to scroll and move horizontally along the table to view all selections.

In addition to our four Spartan home-grounds, we've compiled a list of the competition's most popular locations for your ease of reference!

Simply click here to view the full list of our home-grounds and the other important grounds in the competition!

Leeming Spartan Clubhouse

John Connell Reserve – Dimond Court, Leeming, Western Australia, 6149

Trevor GribbleShelley Reserve

9 Burrendah Boulevard, Willetton25 Koolan Drive, Shelley, WA

Match Day Information & Fixtures:

To find out important match day information including where you are playing, against whom and what you need to bring, please see the Fixtures page at the top of our website or click the image below!

The fixtures include the location of each grade, the match type (40 over or two-day), as well as the opposition and ground address.

Potential Errors:

  • For an immediate response, please contact our Selection Hotline on 0419 959 460 or Daniel Coombs on 0438 005 493.
  • Please report any errors to
  • Contacting our Selection Panel, via the Selection Panel Sheet before the evening of a match is the recommended way to ensure your enquiries are answered.
  • If you are not listed in any side but are available to play, it is your responsibility to contact the selectors, as outlined in our Selection Policy.

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