On this page is the complete list of centuries and the highest scores by a Spartan in the First Grade Competition since our inception in 1918.

Incredibly, there has been 71 centuries recorded by the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club since the very first in the 1929/1930 season.

Bob Kirk was the first Spartan to record a century in the First Grade (and also, for the Club) in that 1929/30 season against the Essandee Cricket Club when we were part of the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association.

Greg Dudley has the record for the most centuries by a Spartan in the First Grade with seven, with his personal best of 143 not out also our third highest score of all time in the top division. Dudley also has an unbeaten 98 in First Grade, and two scores of 94 in the same grade.

Matt Smith’s 175 not out in the 1992/93 season against CBC is the highest ever score by a Spartan in First Grade.

There are only four Spartans to have ever made a score of 99 in First Grade, Frank Ellis, the first with 99 against Palmyra in 1965/66, was followed by Paul Hitch with 99 against Roleystone in 1994/95, Matt Smith with 99 not out against Armadale in 2004/05 and Jonothan Page with 99no against East Fremantle in 2017/18.

First Grade Centuries:

1.Matt Smith175*CBC1992/93Away
2.T.A. Gill144CBC2016/17Home
3.G.R. Dudley143*East Fremantle1993/94Home
4.R. Keiley139East Fremantle1990/91Away
5.G.R. Dudley134*CBC2002/03Away
6.M.W. Milton132Phoenix2013/14Away
7.M.P. Atkinson131Armadale2012/13Home
8.W.S. Fontana128*Kardinya Lakes2001/02Home
9.P.L. Hitch127Kardinya Lakes1994/95Home
10.J.P. Cunningham127Kardinya Lakes2001/02Away
11.H. Bell125South Fremantle1969/70Away
12.P.A. Read125Ocean's XI1980/81Away
13.P.A. Read124*Hamilton1980/81Away
14.R.A. May122*Hilton Palmyra2013/14Home
15.J. Spencer119Tallies1965/66Home
16.M.J. Robins119Kardinya Lakes1984/85Away
17.H. Bell118Scots1968/69Home
18.M.P. Atkinson117*Kwinana2007/08Away
19.C.T. Pereira117*Maddington2015/16Home
20.P.A. Kalleske117East Fremantle2009/10Away
21.L.F. Read115*Scots1963/64Away
22.K. Adair114Kelmscott2001/02Away
23.R. Spencer112Hilton Park1989/90Home
24.B. Kirk111East Fremantle1936/37Away
25.G.S. Mazzini111Jandakot Lakes1988/89Away
26.G.R. Dudley111Phoenix1995/96Home
27.G.R. Dudley111Maddington1997/98Home
27.M.W.Milton111SJ Blues2017/18Away
29.C.T. Pereira111Phoenix2011/12Home
30.S. Quartermaine110*East Fremantle1989/90Away
31.K. Clifton110Essandee1930/31Away
32.I. McClumpha110Navy Club1939/40Away
33.Matt Smith110Gosnells1997/98Away
34.K. Adair110Armadale2003/04Home
35.R. Spencer109Hilton Park1992/93Home
36.M.P. Atkinson108*Cockburn2008/09Home
37.P.A. McGilvray108North Fremantle1993/94Home
38.J.P. Cunningham107Armadale2001/02Home
39.W. Lippiatt106*Scots1980/81Away
40.C.L. Forsyth106North Fremantle1993/94Home
41.W.S. Fontana106Kwinana2005/06Away
43.L.F. Read105*Scots1970/71Away
44.R. Hegarty105*Cockburn1984/85Away
45.P.A. Clement105*East Fremantle1990/91Home
46.D. Stewart105Tallies1964/65Away
47.P.A. McGilvray105Jandakot Lakes1989/90Home
48.G.R. Dudley104*CBC1998/99Home
49.P.A. Kalleske104*Hilton Palmyra2014/15Home
50.P. Tasker104Navy Club1939/40Away
51.Denis Bell104Tallies1963/64Away
52.J.P. Cunningham104Thornlie2005/06Away
53.D.C. Meyer104Kelmscott2007/08Home
54.D. Stewart103Palmyra1964/65Away
55.M.J. Robins103North Fremantle1984/85Away
56.C.T. Pereira103Willetton Crows2009/10Home
57.M.P. Atkinson102Armadale2008/09Away
58.P. Kynaston101*Park1975/76Away
59.R. Spencer101*Phoenix1989/90Away
60.H. Bell101East Fremantle1969/70Away
61.G.R. Dudley101Hilton-Tempest1995/96Away
62.H. Bell100*Scots1963/64Away
63.P.A. McGilvray100*East Fremantle1989/90Away
64.C. Dudley100*Cockburn1994/95Away
65.G.R. Dudley100*CBC2000/01Away
66.M.P. Atkinson100*East Fremantle2005/06Home
67.B. Kirk100Essandee1929/30Home
68.K. Clifton100East Fremantle1947/48Away
69.R. Caporn100Park1973/74Away
70.J.P. Cunningham100Phoenix2002/03Away
71.T.P. Lavender100Armadale2009/10Away

Last Updated: April 2021

Most First Grade Centuries:

#SpartanCareer Centuries
1.G.R. Dudley7
2.M.P. Atkinson5
3.H. Bell4
4.J.P. Cunningham4
5.P.A. McGilvray3
6.R. Spencer3
7.C.T. Pereira3
8.K. Adair2
9.K. Clifton2
10.W.S. Fontana2
11.P.A. Kalleske2
12.B. Kirk2
13.R.A. May2
14.L.F. Read2
15.P.A. Read2
16.M.J. Robins2
17.Matt Smith2
18.D. Stewart2

Last Updated: April 2021