The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club has been extremely fortunate to have regularly had fine individuals to fulfil the most senior executive positions since our foundation in 1918.

Listed below are the individuals who have undertaken the crucial role of Club Treasurer, from our first, J. Vaughan in 1918, to our current, Geoff Burgess in 2024.

The Treasurer, who is the person appointed to administer or manage the financial assets and liabilities of the Club, is a pivotal role in all sporting clubs, none more-so than Leeming Spartan.

The position of Treasurer is one of five individuals who help make up our Executive Committee, further signifying the importance of this position.

Leeming Spartan Treasurers:

1918/1919J. VaughanFirst Treasurer
1919/1920J. Vaughan
1920/1921J. Vaughan
1921/1922J. Vaughan
1922/1923J. Vaughan
1923/1924J. Vaughan
1924/1925J. Vaughan
1925/1926A. GracieSecond Treasurer
1926/1927A. Gracie
1927/1928A. Gracie
1928/1929A. Gracie
1929/1930A. Gracie
1930/1931A. Gracie
1931/1932P. FiddamentThird Treasurer
1932/1933P. Fiddament
1933/1934P. Fiddament
1934/1935P. Fiddament
1935/1936P. Fiddament
1936/1937P. Fiddament
1937/1938P. Fiddament
1938/1939P. Fiddament
1939/1940P. Fiddament
1940/1941I. McClumphaFourth Treasurer
1941/1942I. McClumpha
1945/1946A.E. WestFifth Treasurer
1946/1947A.E. West
1947/1948A.E. West
1948/1949J. Knox-PedenSixth Treasurer
1949/1950K. CliftonSeventh Treasurer
1950/1951K. Clifton
1951/1952K. Clifton
1952/1953W.J. RaynerEighth Treasurer
1953/1954J. HilditchNinth Treasurer
1954/1955W. MorcomTenth Treasurer
1955/1956W. Morcom
1956/1957W. Morcom
1957/1958W. Morcom
1958/1959L.F. ReadEleventh Treasurer
1958/1959B.M. WatererTwelfth Treasurer
1959/1960B.M. Waterer
1960/1961B.M. Waterer
1961/1962B.M. Waterer
1962/1963B.M. Waterer
1963/1964B.M. Waterer
1964/1965B.M. Waterer
1965/1966B.M. Waterer
1966/1967B.M. Waterer
1967/1968B.M. Waterer
1968/1969B.M. Waterer
1969/1970B.M. Waterer
1970/1971B.M. Waterer
1971/1972R.B. StantonThirteenth Treasurer
1972/1973R.B. Stanton
1973/1974R.B. Stanton
1974/1975R.B. Stanton
1975/1976S.A. CarterFourteenth Treasurer
1975/1976B.M. WatererFifteenth Treasurer
Second Term
1976/1977S.A. CarterSixteenth Treasurer
1977/1978R.B. TurtonSeventeenth Treasurer
1978/1979G.E. AshleyEighteenth Treasurer
1979/1980G.E. Ashley
1980/1981G.E. Ashley
1981/1982G.E. Ashley
1982/1983G.E. Ashley
1983/1984P.J. DamaNineteenth Treasurer
1984/1985P.J. Dama
1985/1986P.A. ReadTwentieth Treasurer
1986/1987P.A. Read
1987/1988D.J. BlightTwenty-first Treasurer
1988/1989D.J. Blight
1989/1990N.R. WoodTwenty-second Treasurer
1990/1991N.R. Wood
1991/1992N.R. Wood
1992/1993N.R. Wood
1993/1994N.R. Wood
1994/1995T.J. WortleyTwenty-third Treasurer
1995/1996G.E. AshleyTwenty-fourth Treasurer
Second Term
1996/1997L.J. DonovanTwenty-fifth Treasurer
1997/1998L.J. Donovan
1998/1999P.L. HitchTwenty-sixth Treasurer
1999/2000P.L. Hitch
2000/2001P.L. Hitch
2001/2002A.F. WalkerTwenty-seventh Treasurer
2002/2003A.F. Walker
2003/2004A.F. Walker
2004/2005G.E. AshleyTwenty-eighth Treasurer
Third Term
2005/2006G.E. Ashley
2006/2007C.T. PereiraTwenty-ninth Treasurer
2007/2008C.T. Pereira
2008/2009C.T. Pereira
2009/2010Mrs. K. AtkinsonThirtieth Treasurer
First Female Treasurer
2010/2011Mrs. K. Atkinson
2011/2012S.J. MurfittThirty-first Treasurer
2012/2013S.J. Murfitt
2013/2014S.J. Murfitt
2014/2015S.J. Murfitt
2014/2015G.E. AshleyThirty-second Treasurer
Fourth Term
2015/2016G. BurgessThirty-third Treasurer
2016/2017G. Burgess
2017/2018G. Burgess
2018/2019G. BurgessCentenary Treasurer
2019/2020G. Burgess
2020/2021G. Burgess
2021/2022G. Burgess
2022/23G. Burgess

Last Updated: June 2022

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