The Brian Waterer Shield is awarded to the Club who has had collectively the most outstanding performances, as judged by the South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

It was named in honour of Leeming Spartan and Association legend Brian Waterer in 1996, the inaugural year of the SMCA.

The Shield is awarded to the Club with a side in either First or Second Grade, who has collectively achieved the most on-field success in all of their teams.

Points scored in all grades during the regular season count towards compiling each Club’s total, and as such, Clubs with fewer sides typically achieve the greatest level of success.

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Somewhat ironically, despite the fact that the Shield has been named after a Leeming Spartan Club legend in Brian, we have never won the award.

The Shield carries over from our past associations, including the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association, with the first instance of a Champion Club Award being given in 1979.

Listed below are the winners of the Brian Waterer Shield, and our personal performances in all Champion Club Awards.

Leeming Spartan Performances:

SeasonSpartan PositionAssociationNumber Of ClubsNotes
1978/794th PlaceF&DMCA13 ClubsKnown simply as the 'Champion Club Award'
1979/803rd PlaceF&DMCA16 Clubs
1980/813rd PlaceF&DMCA18 Clubs
1981/824th PlaceF&DMCA14 Clubs
1982/834th PlaceF&DMCA14 Clubs
1983/847th PlaceF&DMCA10 Clubs
1984/857th PlaceF&DMCA10 Clubs
1985/866th PlaceF&DMCA10 Clubs
1986/877th PlaceF&DMCA10 Clubs
1987/887th PlaceF&DMCA10 Clubs
1988/894th PlaceF&DMCA9 Clubs
1989/906th PlaceF&DMCA9 Clubs
1990/916th PlaceF&DMCA9 Clubs
1991/928th PlaceF&DMCA9 Clubs
1992/935th PlaceF&DMCA9 Clubs
1993/942nd PlaceF&DMCA8 Clubs
1994/954th PlaceF&DMCA8 Clubs
1995/964th PlaceF&DMCA7 Clubs
1996/974th PlaceSSCA22 Clubs
1997/986th PlaceSMCA22 ClubsRenamed to the 'Brian Waterer Shield' to mark the formation of the SMCA
1998/993rd PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
1999/007th PlaceSMCA20 Clubs
2000/015th PlaceSMCA20 Clubs
2001/023rd PlaceSMCA20 Clubs
2002/032nd PlaceSMCA20 ClubsOur best finishing in the Brian Waterer Shield
2003/046th PlaceSMCA20 Clubs
2004/057th PlaceSMCA21 Clubs
2005/062nd PlaceSMCA21 ClubsOur best finishing in the Brian Waterer Shield
2006/079th PlaceSMCA21 Clubs
2007/086th PlaceSMCA21 Clubs
2008/094th PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
2009/102nd PlaceSMCA22 ClubsOur best finishing in the Brian Waterer Shield
2010/113rd PlaceSMCA21 Clubs
2011/129th PlaceSMCA23 Clubs
2012/1311th PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
2013/1410th PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
2014/1510th PlaceSMCA24 Clubs
2015/1610th PlaceSMCA24 Clubs
2016/1710th PlaceSMCA24 Clubs
2017/182nd PlaceSMCA29 ClubsOur best finishing in the Brian Waterer Shield
First place up to round 17
2018/198th PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
2019/206th PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
2020/21Not eligibleSMCA22 Clubs
2021/225th PlaceSMCA22 Clubs
2022/238th PlaceSMCA12 eligible clubs

Last Updated: March 2023

Brian Waterer Shield Winners:

5.2000/01SJ Blues
7.2002/03East Fremantle
8.2003/04Kardinya Lakes
16.2011/12Hilton Palmyra
17.2012/13East Fremantle
21.2016/17SJ Blues
25.2020/21Hilton Bicton
26.2021/22Hilton Bicton
27.2022/23Hilton Bicton

Last Updated: March 2023

History Of The Shield:

The Brian Waterer Shield was first introduced in the 1996/97 season in what was the inaugural season of the newly formed South Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA).

The SMCA was the result of a merger between the Fremantle and Districts Mercantile Cricket Association (of which the Spartans were apart), and the South Suburban Cricket Association (SSCA) at the end of the 1995/96 season.

As the 1996/97 season was approaching, Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was invited to join the SSCA in what would be the final season under that name, before the new SMCA began.

The Club Champion Award had been a prominent part of the Fremantle and Districts Mercantile Cricket Association, and when the SMCA began, the Club Champion Award was reborn in the form of the Brian Waterer Shield.

The Shield, named after F&DMCA and Spartan legend Brian Waterer, has continued to this day, presented to the most successful Club amongst all of their sides in the SMCA.

Kwinana became the first Club to achieve the award in 1997, whilst Phoenix, with five consecutive victories, is the most successful.

Brian Waterer:

Brian Waterer is the ultimate Club stalwart, having donated decades of time to the success of the Club, including a mammoth 27 years as our President.

You can read about the incredible dedication Brian has provided the Club over the last fifty years here.

He is also the current Patron of the SMCA, and has served previously as both a senior and junior vice president to the association.

Brian was President of the Fremantle and Districts Mercantile Cricket Association from 1965 to 1982.

He is a Life Member of that association, the SMCA and the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

In 2008 Brian was awarded the Cricket Australia 50 Year Service Award.

Such is the extent of Brian’s contributions over the course of more than two decades – to both the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and the South Metropolitan Cricket Association – it was a mere formality to have named the Champion Club Award after him.


As taken from the SMCA website.

Points scored for each team in a Club (as per the current ladders) are then divided by the number of matches played by each team.

The points are then added across each team in a club, then divided by the total number of teams in the club to give the total for that Club.

The following weighting system is used;

  • First & Second Grade – 100%
  • All other two-day grades – 80%

Deductions of points are occasionally made in accordance with the SMCA by-laws;

  • .10 of a point is deducted to the Club for each week a player is suspended by the SMCA
  • .01 of a point deducted for each dollar the Club is fined by the SMCA
    • Excluding fines involving forfeits and the withdrawal of teams and for the non-­submission of Captain’s Report on Umpires.

In the event of a tie between two or more clubs, then the club whose top side is closest to top position of the First Grade shall be the winner.