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Our Location:

Clubhouse (Our HQ)John Connell Reserve

Dimond Court, Leeming,

Western Australia, 6149

Mobile Number:0419 959 460 (Peter Coombs - President)
Enquires:0438 005 493 (Daniel Coombs - Secretary)
Selections:0419 959 460
Sponsorship:0411 874 553‬
PO Box#167 - Bull Creek, Western Australia, 6149

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Thank you for completing the Become A Spartan form and registering your interest in joining the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club. To complete your membership, please purchase one of the Spartan Memberships below.

We offer a variety of memberships, including our Playing Membership which is the cheapest in the association at just $50.00, and our Social Memberships with added bonuses for both playing and non-playing Spartans including families and friends!

Please note that it is a requirement for all players to purchase a playing membership and clothing items.

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