The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club has accumulated many amazing performances over the years – and any time we get to highlight some of them is an opportunity too good to miss! Specifically today we thought it worth looking into some stats that are sure to conjure up many memories from those involved. 

Today we are looking at some of the more common leading statistics in our 102-year history, including those such as highest team totals and best individual performances – stats that still stand to this very day.

This article is certainly one for the stats-buffs who love to ponder over any aspect of cricket history, and with the 2020/21 season quickly approaching it is the perfect time to get a crash course of Spartan statistics!

We recently released our 2019/20 Yearbook that takes an in-depth look at the leading statistics from the most recent cricket season, however the ones listed below are those that encompass all seasons of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.  

Surely several of these stats can be brought up tonight when we all come together for our Spartan Catchup at Cabin401 in Bibra Lake! You can read more about that right here!

So with that in mind, check out some of the most amazing Spartan statistics below!

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Highest Spartan Team Scores:

Spartan Team Score Opponent Season
First Grade 8/431 East Fremantle 2009/10
Second Grade 8/433 Roleystone 1996/97
Third Grade  7/378 Cockburn 2005/06
Fourth Grade 5/372 Phoenix 1979/80
Fifth Grade 6/442 Canning Districts 2008/09
Sixth Grade (ODA) 6/346 Murdoch University 2008/09
Seventh Grade 3/417 Canning Districts 2007/08
Eighth Grade (ODE) 7/264 Riverton-Rostrata 2009/10
Ninth Grade 5/234 Cockburn 2012/13
Colts 4/364 Phoenix 1977/78

The scorecard from the record Leeming Spartan team score

Lowest Spartan Team Scores:

Spartan Team Score Opponent Season
First Grade (Pre-WW2) 18 East Fremantle 1933/34
First Grade (Post-WW2) 27 CBC 2015/16
Second Grade 32 Cockburn 1965/66
Third Grade  38 North Fremantle 1982/83
Fourth Grade 9 Thornlie 2015/16
Fifth Grade 31 Hilton Park 1988/89
Sixth Grade 23 CBC 2013/14
Seventh Grade 26 South Bertram 2014/15
Eighth Grade 35 SJ Blues 2013/14
Ninth Grade 67 Perth Tamil 2012/13
Colts 22 CBC Old Boys 1979/80

Lowest Spartan Opponents Scores:

Spartan Team Opponent’s Score Opponent Season
First Grade (Pre-WW2) 17 CBC 1931/32
First Grade (Post-WW2) 41 Kardinya Lakes 1995/96
Second Grade 25 Cockburn 2018/19
Third Grade  36 Kardinya Lakes 2000/01
Fourth Grade 25 Gosnells 2000/01
Fifth Grade 46 North Fremantle 1993/94
Sixth Grade 37 Kardinya Lakes 2019/20
Seventh Grade 35 Riverton-Rostrata 2013/14
Eighth Grade 9/87 Riverton-Rostrata 2009/10
Ninth Grade 75 Canning Districts 2012/13
Colts 97 CBC Old Boys 1976/77

Best Ever Spartan Partnerships:

Wicket Partnership Spartan #1 Spartan #2 Grade Season
First Wicket 273 JP Cunningham BK Mant 5th Grade 2016/17
Second Wicket 234 PA Read D Ringin Colts 1977/78
Third Wicket 222 PA McGilvray S Quartermaine 1st Grade 1989/90
Fourth Wicket 195 DJ Blight RJ Manning 4th Grade 1990/91
Fifth Wicket 233 AJ Gibbs JP McGuire 3rd Grade 2008/09
Sixth Wicket 223 BK Mant JP Hamling 2nd Grade 1996/97
Seventh Wicket 231 PD Clement R Keiley 1st Grade 1990/91
Eighth Wicket 124 R Caporn EJB Preedy 2nd Grade 1970/71
Ninth Wicket 117 G Marle AS Wragg 3rd Grade 2000/01
Tenth Wicket 108 A Ebbs C Steenholdt 1st Grade 1936/37

Most Runs In A Season (By Grade):

Spartan Team Runs Scored Spartan Player Season
First Grade 698 Todd Lavender 2009/10
Second Grade 552 Andrew Walker 2005/06
Third Grade  792 Andrew Gibbs 2008/09
Fourth Grade 716 Russell Lee 2012/13
Fifth Grade 889 Brad Mant 2016/17
Sixth Grade 1174 Matthew Walters 2012/13
Seventh Grade 841 Peter Ferguson 2011/12
Eighth Grade 575 Peter Ferguson 2012/13
Ninth Grade 321 Sam Edwards 2012/13
Colts 287 Peter Read 1977/78

Highest Ever Scores (By Grade):

Spartan Team Score Spartan Player Season
First Grade 175 not out Matthew Smith 1992/93
Second Grade 162 not out Brad Mant 1996/97
Third Grade  145 John McGuire 2008/09
Fourth Grade 175 not out John Spencer 1979/80
Fifth Grade 194 Brad Mant 2008/09
Sixth Grade 187 not out Glen Dobson 2000/01
Seventh Grade 172 Todd Lavender 2007/08
Eighth Grade 125 Steve McGuire 2010/11
Ninth Grade 123 Dallas Eparaima 2013/14
Colts 165 Peter Read 1977/78

Most Wickets In A Season (By Grade):

Spartan Team Wickets Spartan Player Season
First Grade (Pre-WW2) 90 Roy Thomson 1931/32
First Grade (Post-WW2) 81 Jim Fletcher 1949/50
Second Grade 70 George Pluske 1956/57
Third Grade  47 Sean Wright 2011/12
Fourth Grade 71 Denis Bell 1979/80
Fifth Grade 53 Wayne Fontana 2008/09
Sixth Grade 44 Jim Leinasars

Steve Murfitt



Seventh Grade 41 Blake Carter 2013/14
Eighth Grade 30 Rex Miller 2009/10
Ninth Grade 14 Matt Hosking 2012/13
Colts 15 Gary Reid

George Mazzini



Roy Thomson (pictured here in the front row, second from the left, in our 1922/23 premiership photo) holds the record for the most wickets in a season by any Spartan player. Roy took 90 wickets in the 1931/32 season. Roy was the son of Leeming Spartan President Stuart Thomson, who is seated directly behind Roy. 

Roy Thomson’s association with the Spartan Cricket Club was predominantly in the era before the outbreak of the Second World War, having played in both the Churches Association and the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association.

He remained in contact with the Spartan Cricket Club in the years that followed, and of note in 1993 when the Club celebrated its 75th anniversary, Roy was in attendance on that night at the civic reception held to recognise the milestone. Roy Thomson would pass away in the late nineties. 

Best Ever Bowling Figures (By Grade):

Spartan Team Figures Spartan Player Season
First Grade (Pre-WW2) 9/11 Aub Jarvis 1927/28
First Grade (Post-WW2) 8/30 Kodie McKrill 2017/18
Second Grade 8/25 Steve Carter 1973/74
Third Grade  10/43 Stuart Hennessey 2004/05
Fourth Grade 9/26 Tony Carroll 1977/78
Fifth Grade 9/75 Tom Hegarty 1988/89
Sixth Grade 8/24 Steve Murfitt 2010/11
Seventh Grade 6/25 Mick Bennett 2016/17
Eighth Grade 6/33 Manish Ankleswharia 2009/10
Ninth Grade 6/38 Milan Jakovljevic 2013/14
Colts 8/77 Steve Blight 1984/85

The Scorecard from Kodie McKrill’s record-breaking haul of 8/30. These are the best figures in First Grade by a Spartan since World War Two and came exactly 90 years after the best pre-WW2 figures.

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