The Leeming Spartan Committee has organised another pre-season catchup date on Friday the 21st of August at Cabin 401 in Bibra Lake and as always – everyone is invited!

For those unaware we also have a date on the 9th of September reserved at the Bull Creek Tavern to allow for everyone to catch-up, and you can check the full details out about it here.

The day on Friday the 21st will however be at Cabin 401 which is located in Bibra Lake off of Progress Drive in the ice-skating rink and is less than ten minutes from our clubhouse.

Everyone is welcome to come along and catch up ahead of what promises to be a massive 2020/21 season at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, and besides the SpartanHQ, Cabin401 is the next best place to do it with great food and a brilliant atmosphere plus live ice hockey to watch!

It’s also important that everyone gets there as soon as possible because spots are not able to be reserved at the bar area. Therefore, we’ll be there from 4pm onwards and certainly hope you’re able to make it! Please also wear your Leeming Spartan clothing so we can best show off the one-hundred year old club.

The event is officially starting at 4pm on the 21st – and be sure to get in quick as the place fills up quickly!

Cabin 401 – Friday 21st August
• From 4PM – Late • 401 Progress Drive, Bibra Lake •

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Cabin 401 Bar & Grill – Perth’s Only Rinkside Restaurant

Our goal here at Cabin 401 is to replicate a cosy and comfortable log cabin style environment that you may see in North America or Canada – a warm, inviting retreat after a day out in the snow or on the ice.

Ice rinks are notoriously cold – Cabin 401 is the antithesis to that, we want you to feel warm and cosy. Where there is a warm cabin there is casual food,  hot drinks (sometimes Irished up with some liquers), and beer.

Having lived in the area for over three decades, even with the rapid growth of new suburbs we noticed there weren’t many local restaurants or pubs, unless you wanted to drive into Fremantle or head to the city. Surely the community would love to have a local!

Coming from an ice rink background, we have always loved ice sports and more recently snow sports.  Most ice sport athletes have a “home rink” and create a close knit group of mates so thought it would be a great idea to create a local space where players can relive their moments of glory with a cold one, where fans and family members can spectate while enjoying a beverage or meal, and where the community can experience something completely new – a rinkside restaurant with a live ice sports backdrop!

Cabin 401 was born inside the sporting complex that is Cockburn Ice Arena.

Cabin 401 – Friday 21st August
• From 4PM – Late • 401 Progress Drive, Bibra Lake •

Everyone’s Welcome!

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