This off-season we are keeping you in the loop with all the latest news from the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and in addition, looking back through some classic matches!

Each week, we will be bringing you a new match from the past, scorecards and all, as we recount the many memorable matches over our 102-year history.

We’re calling it the “Spartan Scorecard Series” and we’re cramming it full of old scorecards to bring back the memories of our many famous victories!

In addition, the very popular web series “From The Archives” is coming back better than ever, with today the 4th May marking three years since it first began.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Leeming Spartan website for the latest entries – the first of which will be released tomorrow (along with a new version of our other From The Archives series) and consider subscribing to our newsletter to never miss a release. You can also save this page and click the link below to see all the entries (the page will update as new entries are posted).

See All The Entries

Finally, it is worth noting that any prospective players should check out our “Become A Spartan” page – any prospective players are able to complete the form online and let us know of your interest ahead of the new season. It is also a great way for existing members to update their contact details!

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