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Crystal Finance Spartan Legends Board

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About The Award:

The Crystal Finance Spartan Legends Board was introduced in June 2016 as a way to honour those individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, providing invaluable contributions to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club both on, and significantly, off the field.

A player doesn’t need to be a Life Member of the Club to receive the award, which is decided by the Executive Committee in June of each year (just following the Annual General Meeting), however it is typical that a recipient of the Crystal Finance Spartan Legends Board is a holder of Life Membership – the Club’s most significant award.

Following the introduction of the award, seven legendary Spartans were immediately inducted, an exception to the established rule of a maximum of two entrants each year.

Spartan Legend Inductees

The Inductees:

Inductees are listed in chronological order from the initial year of the award’s inception – 2016.

2016 – Initial Inductees

Graeme Ashley (Inducted June 2016):

Brian Waterer (Inducted June 2016):

Peter Read (Inducted June 2016):

David Blight (Inducted June 2016):

Shannon Davies (Inducted June 2016):

Ron McDonald (Inducted June 2016):

Deborah Blight (Inducted June 2016):

2017 Inductees