The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club Committee has today announced the fees for the upcoming centenary season, which will see no change in pricing from the previous year.

Membership still remains by far the cheapest in the South Metropolitan Cricket Association, at just $50.00 per person, but this season will see it required no later than November 6th 2018 – or one month from the first game.

Match fees (previously “ball fees”) are again priced at $25.00 per person per week of cricket played, with a $10.00 option for juniors. Last season’s change in match fee pricing proved to be a major success for the Club, which relies heavily on match fees for the excessive number of expenses per year.

The price of cricket balls has only continued to rise in recent years, and the Club spends roughly $10,000.00 on cricket balls alone each season, with other expenses relating to ground hire, clothing (which is sold at cost), and monthly LSA rent all proving costly each season.

The Club recently announced that both its Platinum Sponsors Crystal Finance and Gascoigne Leather are both back on board in our one-hundredth year, with Crystal now entering its fourth consecutive season as the Club’s most major sponsors.

Club Treasurer Geoff Burgess last season published an overview of match fees and their purpose within the Club. A common misconception is that match fees are solely for the purchase of the cricket ball and umpire costs (where applicable), however this is certainly not the case, as the chart below indicates.

The Club’s massive break-in in May only furthers the importance of match payments towards the Club’s bottom line, and when coupled with our extensive Centenary preparations provides good examples of additional areas where match fees and other profits are currently being utilised.

Clothing will again remain the same price this season, with the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club also set to introduce official playing cream pants this season through our new silver sponsors ICON Sports. The full list of pricing is available below.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club therefore continues to enjoy amongst the cheapest fees throughout not only the SMCA but many other associations, and it is through much outside work that this remains the case.

The Club has a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle this Sunday at the O’Connor Store, and encourages all Spartans to come down throughout the day.

Leeming Spartan 2018/19 Fee Structure:

  • Playing Membership – $50.00
    • Due November 6th for all players
  • Match Fees – $25.00 per week
  • Silver Social Membership – $100.00
    • Includes Shirt, Bar Card and more!
  • Gold Social Membership – $200.00
    • Includes Shirt, Bar Card, Baggy Cap, Windup Ticket and more!

Leeming Spartan 2018/19 Drinks Prices:

  • Emu Export – $3.00
  • All Other Beers – $4.00

Leeming Spartan 2018/19 Clothing Prices:

  • Training Shirt – $40.00
  • Playing Shirt – $40.00
  • Playing Pants – $30.00 NEW
  • Club Jacket – $75.00
  • Fin50 Shirt – $50.00
  • Centenary Shirt – $50.00 NEW
  • Retro Shirt – $50.00 NEW
  • Baggy Cap – $50.00 NEW SIZES
  • Training Shorts – $35.00
  • Club Cap – $20.00

All clothing is sold at cost and will feature the new Leeming Spartan Centenary Logo. This season also sees a number of optional new additions to the lineup, including a throwback retro shirt that will be announced soon.

Note: Expenditure in the chart does not include “non-playing” costs associated with running the club – such as coaching, provision of free players teas, club-room improvements, clubhouse cleaning and maintenance, trophies, marketing materials (e.g. banners), honour boards, price of beverages, clothing provided at cost, the website, free internet at the club, and so on.

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