Our remaining Two-Day sides will play a 40-over fixture this Sunday November 29th.

If you would like to nominate to play, please contact the Selection Hotline on 0478 982 043 before this Friday.

In addition, both our Selections and Fixtures pages have been updated to accommodate the extra games being played this weekend.

2 Day 40-Overs Selections

Any one-day player is welcome to nominate to play in the Sunday fixture, and if selected, are eligible to return to their original grade the following week.

With the one day match this Sunday, players are reminded that By-Law 11b allows for a player promoted to a higher grade who can return to his original grade provided it is in the next fixture that the player plays in. This allows you to promote a one day grade player to any higher grade and return to their original grade in the next fixture.

In addition, our Fifth Grade will play Sunday’s match on the hallowed turf of our home ground, John Connell Reserve, and anyone not playing is welcome to come down and watch. The bar will be open during the day.

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