To all Leeming Spartan players and families, I have been advised that one of our players has contracted COVID 19 with the first symptoms coming to light on Sunday morning 23 January.

I am advised that the player came into contact with the virus on Friday evening. As a result, at lunch time today, the Health Department has ordered that ALL 11 players who played in the ODA team on Saturday are to commence a 14 lockdown.

Please be advised that the affected player did not attend the club house after his game on Saturday night. I am further advised that he is very unwell.

What I am asking from you all is if you show any symptoms what so ever, pls get checked out, the next 48 hours are critical. Further, could you all please reach out to the ODA guys and offer any support you can, they may need supplies delivered or electronic company.

Your health and that of your family and friends is far more important than all else.

I have communicated the position to the Executive of the SMCA and they will advise me on the way forward concerning ODA matches, advising our ODA opponent and any other issues.

When further information comes to light, I will advise you accordingly.

This is a time that the true 100 year Spartan spirit and culture comes to the fore front, and we stay together and help each other

Contact me directly if you have any issues or want to discuss the matter further

Kind Regards,

Peter Coombs


Leeming Spartan Cricket Club

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