This Tuesday 7th December sees our F15 Squad take to the field at John Connell Reserve to start their quest to win another F15 flag. 

Our Team made up of mainly 1st and 3rd Grade players will go up against 2nd Grade Club Thornlie in Round One of a three round competition before a three round finals series to decide this season’s premiers.

All matches take place on a Tuesday afternoon, comprising of 15 overs per side. Eight overs are bowled from the same end consecutively then teams swap ends for the remaining seven overs to be delivered from the other end. All games start at 5pm, with each team allocated 55 minutes to bowl their 15 overs. To spice things up, the batting side gets a 4 x over power play at the start of their innings which sees only 2 x fielders outside the circle, similar to what we see in the Big Bash, with their 6 x over equivalent. The game will also feature a “free-hit” for any “no-balls” bowled. 

So if you aren’t keen for a hit or bowl at Tuesday training, then get down to the “Home of Cricket” tomorrow afternoon from 5pm to watch some action packed cricket as the bar will be open as always with the Big Bash on the big screen too.

See you there!

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