A massive congratulations to Shannon Davies, who was formally inducted as a Life Member of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club last Friday night!

Since first debuting for the Club in the 1999/2000 season, Shannon has established himself as the ultimate Leeming Spartan stalwart, accumulating an achievements list that is far and above what one could personally expect, meaning his induction as a Life Member is as well and truly deserved as can be.

As those who know Shannon personally can attest, his dedication to the Spartans is nothing short of outstanding, having donated countless hours over almost two decades in areas of the Club, both on and off the field.

Shannon’s efforts for the Club include four seasons as Secretary, a position he currently holds, five premierships including one as captain, more than 220 games, and is eleven shy of 400 wickets for the Club.

Shannon is without doubt the perfect choice for Leeming Spartan Life Membership, and his entry into this hugely prestigious group is one we congratulate him on immensely.

Be sure to read on below about Shannon’s incredible achievements at the Club, and then view the full list of Spartan Life Members here!

Congratulations to Shannon Davies (front row, two from the right), on becoming the 65th Leeming Spartan Life Member!

Shannon was inducted alongside good friend and premiership teammate Kevin Poller at Friday night’s windup, in front of more than seventy guests, all of whom were thrilled to see Shanners finally become a Life Member!

He is possibly the most obvious choice to join the group of sixty-five, such is the extent of the contribution he has made to the Club.

Whilst we know full well that no-one should ever expect to become a Life Member at any club or organisation, there are those whose efforts shine through time and again, leaving little surprise when they are officially, and perhaps finally, inducted. Shannon Davies certainly fits that bill.

Beyond all of Shannon’s personal achievements, and there certainly are many as we outline below, his five premierships are likely closest to his heart in terms of on-field contributions.

His most recent flag came in the 2012/13 season in the two-day competition in 5th Grade, whilst his premiership victory as captain in our 3rd Grade in 2008/09 would have to rank as one of the Spartans’ best.

Shannon has been a mainstay of Leeming Spartan for over eighteen years now, and in that time has racked up an achievements list that would be envied by most, but it is what he has done for the Club over that same period of time that makes him such a vital component in our Club.

With this in mind, Shannon receiving his Life Membership is extremely well deserved.

What Shannon has done for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club – both on and off the field – is incredible.

An expert in all things Spartan, Shannon’s induction has come as no surprise, so much so in fact, that when announcing his induction, Graeme Ashley called him up before noting Shannon’s long list of achievements.

Always one to wear the Club on his sleeve, he returned as Secretary in 2015 to help lead an entirely new Committee in President Peter Coombs’ first season at the helm, having previously set the benchmark for the role in 2009.

On the field, Shannon has captained in forty matches, including leading our third grade this season, having previously claimed a premiership victory in that grade in 2009.

He would agree that his batting is not his strongest asset on the field, but his staying power at the crease has resulted in four century partnerships, and in 2016 recorded his highest score with the bat in making an unbeaten 65.

With the ball, he excels, holding 389 wickets to his name at an average of 17, with ten five wicket hauls, and a personal best of 7/51!

His full personal statistics are outlined below.

Shannon Davies – Bowling Statistics:

Overs Maidens Wickets Runs Average Best 5WI
2147 420 389 6955 17.88 7/51 10

Shannon Davies – Batting Statistics:

Matches Innings NOs Highest Runs Average 50s
228 187 77 65* 1197 10.9 2

Congratulations to Shannon Davies (three from right) on becoming a Life Member of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club!

Shannon’s Life Membership has been built on a foundation of eighteen years of dedication and hard work at Leeming Spartan, and we are incredibly grateful for his efforts!

One of the more humorous instances of Shannon’s hard work off the field being hugely appreciated is when he rewrote the Leeming Spartan Constitution in 2006, essentially creating the document from the ground up.

Such was the size of the task, the Committee took one look at it and signed off – it has been used ever since!

On a personal level, he has stated that one of his biggest desires was to play first grade at the Club, and was selected in 2016 to make his debut, 17 years after his first game at the Spartans.

In what could have been considered a somewhat risky selection, Shanners quickly made his mark – roughly five steps from the bowling crease to be precise!

Declining a bowling marker in our standalone against Cockburn because he came in from the end of the pitch, in front of more than 80 attendees Shannon had immediate impact, claiming four wickets on debut to be best on ground and win the game for the Spartans!

Shannon captained our most recent premiership victory in the third grade competition in 2009.

Shannon Davies is, without any doubt, the perfect choice to be inducted as a Life Member of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

He is amongst the most dedicated individuals you will ever meet, always putting the Club first, looking out for our younger players (this season in third grade is a perfect example), and helping out whenever possible.

On behalf of the entire Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, congratulations mate on becoming a Life Member of our great Club, and thank you for your monumental efforts every year!

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