The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club has confirmed today that in-line with previous seasons, there will be no match fees for our players participating in semi-final fixtures this weekend.

Normally players are required to pay $25.00 for each day of play (for example $50.00 for a two-day game) and these costs are solely for the hire of the ground, cricket balls (which are incredibly expensive these days at about $55.00 a pop) and umpires.

However during finals the Club through the South Metropolitan Cricket Association absorbs the cost that would normally be made by our players, and the situation is the exact same in this COVID-affected season. 

We are very happy to confirm that all match-day costs will not be required for semi-finals fixtures (and also grand-finals, should hopefully the team proceed to this match). 

Ultimately there are still however a number of outstanding memberships yet to be paid, and these must be paid off prior to the end of the season. This is an unfortunate situation given the membership fee was reduced to just $50.00 this season, so it is critical that players please ensure they are financially up-to-date before the end of the season. Memberships can be purchased online via our website here.

As always the clubhouse will be open after both days of play this weekend – including on Sunday the 7th March where we have a huge day out planned including our Sponsors, Life Members and Past Players Day. As always, everyone is invited and we certainly hope to see you there!

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