Following yesterday’s Annual General Meeting, we are delighted to announce the twelve individuals who will be leading the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club in our one-hundredth year!

Congratulations to all new and returning Committee Members, in particular our Executive Committee who remain unchanged from last season.

Our President Peter Coombs returns for his fourth successive year at the helm, leading the Club in our milestone one-hundredth year.

He will be joined by our two Vice Presidents in Glenn Hack (4th Year) and Paul Kalleske (3rd Year), our Secretary Daniel Coombs (2nd Year) and Treasurer Geoff Burgess (4th Year), all of whom make up our Spartan Executive.

We also have an additional seven Committee Members who are kindly volunteering to help the Club operate in year one-hundred, with Mick Bennett, Andrew D’Angelo, Adam Morgan, and Graeme Tysoe all returning to provide crucial assistance this season.

They will be joined by three newcomers to the Committee this season, with Russell Lee, Mitch Gardiner and Jodie Rennie all coming on board in 2018/19!

Finally, a very special thank you to our two retiring Committee Members in Dale Putland and David Blight. Both have been great assets to the Club for many years, and we look forward to seeing them around the clubrooms next summer.

An enormous congratulations and thank you to all, and here’s to a massive one hundredth year at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club!

2018/19 Executive Committee

President – Peter Coombs (4th Year)

Vice President – Glenn Hack (4th Year)

Vice President  – Paul Kalleske (3rd Year)

Secretary – Daniel Coombs (2nd Year)

Treasurer – Geoff Burgess (4th Year)

2018/19 Committee Members

• Mick Bennett (2nd Year) • Chubba D’Angelo (2nd Year) 

• Mitch Gardiner (1st Year) • Russell Lee (1st Year) • Adam Morgan (2nd Year) 

• Jodie Rennie (1st Year) • Graeme Tysoe (4th Year) 

Further Appointments

Patron – John Ipsen (4th Year)

Centenary Organiser – John Ipsen

Centenary Secretary – Daniel Coombs

Registrar – Graeme Ashley (∞ Years)

An enormous congratulations to all of our Leeming Spartan Committee and Executive, particularly in this one hundredth year!

It is fantastic to have such an outstanding list of fine individuals to support the Club, and with our one hundredth anniversary rapidly approaching, it has never been more important.

Here’s to a massive centenary year at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

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