Following yesterday’s Annual General Meeting, we are delighted to confirm the newly elected members who will lead the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club in its 99th year!

Congratulations to all new and returning Committee Members, in particular to Peter Coombs who returns for his third year as President.

A special thank you must go to outgoing Secretary Shannon Davies, who has been a core member of the Spartan Executive for more than three years.

Shannon’s work behind the scenes has been invaluable, and we are extremely grateful for all of his efforts, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours, including his role in helping organise our one hundredth anniversary celebrations!

2017/18 Executive Committee

President – Peter Coombs (3rd Year)

Vice President – Glenn Hack (3rd Year)

Vice President  – Paul Kalleske (2nd Year)

Secretary – Daniel Coombs (1st Year)

Treasurer – Geoff Burgess (3rd Year)

2017/18 Committee Members

• Mick Bennett (1st Year) • David Blight (3rd Year) 

• Chubba D’Angelo (1st Year) • Adam Morgan (1st Year) 

• Kevin Poller (1st Year) • Dale Putland (3rd Year) 

• Graeme Tysoe (3rd Year) 

Further Appointments

Patron – John Ipsen (3rd Year)

Centenary Organiser – John Ipsen

Registrar – Graeme Ashley (∞ Years)

An enormous congratulations to all of our Leeming Spartan Committee and Executive.

Peter Coombs returns for his third season as President on the back of a hugely successful 2016/17 season.

He noted in his report yesterday that there was still much work to be done, and that a core focus of the Club is strengthening all of its sides this season. Coombs stated that there was still “unfinished business” for the Committee, our First Grade, all two-day and one-day sides, and for the Club itself, and that we will be working very hard during the off season to lay the foundation for a successful 2017/18 season.

It is also fantastic to see so many new faces on the panel, with Mick Bennett, Chubba, Adam Morgan, and Kevin Poller all joining the Committee for the first time. They will undoubtedly bring great success to the positions, and will ensure the Club continues its strong march towards our centenary.

This takes the size of the Leeming Spartan Committee to twelve, our biggest since 2015, ensuring that we will have plenty of hands on deck to help raise the bar during the season.

It is also worth noting that the positions of Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President have been retired, with two “Vice President” positions replacing them. Glenn Hack and Paul Kalleske take on the role of the Club’s dual second in command.

It is fantastic to have Treasurer Geoff Burgess return for his third consecutive season. Burgo’s expertise makes him a fine beancounter for the Club, delivering us with our second successive surplus in the season just gone.

Daniel Coombs takes on the role of Club Secretary, having worked on the Committee for the past three years.

David BlightDale Putland, and Graeme Tysoe return for their third successive year on the Committee.

Dale has been a fine member of the Club, last year becoming just the eighth Spartan to carry his bat in an innings, and will continue to provide great input and hands on support to ensure the success of the Club.

Blighty will also continue to run the nets during the season proper, whilst Graeme, a winner of last season’s Graeme Ashley Award for the Best Club Person will continue to be heavily involved in our off-field operations, having retired from the game last season in game one hundred.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club is therefore extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding list of fine individuals to support the Club, and with our one hundredth anniversary rapidly approaching, it has never been more important.

Congratulations to our 2017/18 Leeming Spartan Committee, and we wish them all the best for the season!

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