The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club is thrilled to announce that in season 2020/21 we will be having two Patrons of the Club, and it is hoped that they will both fulfil the role to the highest standard.

The Club did not have a Patron last season but following our recent Annual General Meeting and first Committee Meeting announced the appointment of two new Club Patrons.

This season our Club Patrons are the Honourable Ben Morton MP and our former President John Ipsen.

Ben is the Federal Member for the seat of Tangney in which the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club is situated and has been an avid supporter of the Club for many years including during our one-hundredth year when he sponsored the Club and helped us with a major grant that allowed us to get a projector and screen. 

Further to this Ben took the Spartans all the way to Federal Parliament where we were forever etched into the texts of Hansard when he spent his talking time to support the Club. You can watch the full video of Ben’s speech here.

John meanwhile is an active figure around the Club and has served as President for five years, and was also on the board of our Leeming Spartan Centenary Committee. He has previously served as Patron of the Spartans in 2018 and will be perfect for the role. 

Ben Morton John Ipsen

The role of Patron is defined in the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club constitution as a person who lends their name and support to the Club and provides critical support and exposure during operations.

The Patron is not part of our Board of Committee and does not have any voting rights during meetings, but instead serves as a member of the Club who has the capacity and knowledge to best promote the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club in the community.

The Patron will have specific skills in commerce, finance, marketing, law or business generally of such other skills that complement the Executive Committee composition and garners support for the Club but need not have experience in or exposure to the sport of cricket. A Patron can of course become a member of the association should they so choose.

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