This Saturday evening serves as the first official function for the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club for season 2017/18 – our 99th year!

Saturday October 28th from 7:00pm is the inaugural Spartan Cup – a night of great entertainment for all who attend!

We’re hosting a series of massive races, plus a bundle of fantastic raffles and giveaways, our famous cheap drinks, and to top it off, entry is completely free!

The night will feature seven races named after some of our most in-famous Spartans, utilising a grid of carpet squares as pieces of our ‘game board’, whereby each horse moves based on the roll of the dice.

The winner is therefore the first horse across the finish line, and all attendees are encouraged to place bets and make purchases on each noble steed, with real cash prizes received by the winners.

The night will feature a bundle of excellent raffles and entertainment, and on behalf of the Committee, we look forward to seeing you Saturday and hope that you have a fantastic night! 


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