We may already be one game in, however now is as good a-time as any to detail in full the South Metropolitan Cricket Association’s rules and guidelines for the T20 competition that has been implemented this year as a result of the delayed start.

These rules have been modified from the CricketWest and WACA T20 rules by removing references to Turf wickets, the white ball and coloured clothing.

The SMCA’s T20 competition is a separate competition to the two-day and one-day competitions that commenced on the 31st October 2020.  All points gained and matches played do not count for the end of season finals to be held in March 2021.

Instead, the T20 series will have its own separate competition with its own semi and grand finals to be played ahead of the CricketWest tournament in late January.

The T20 Competition is being played only by the two-day grades (in our case, First Grade and Second Grade) in lieu of their one-day 40-over competition. 

The T20 Competition is exclusive to our top two grades and has its own premiership for the taking with the top four teams qualifying for finals. The two-day competition will continue as per normal in the other weeks.

Those unfamiliar with the structure should know that the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club fields both two-day grades (played over consecutive Saturdays in a 75-over each format) and solely one-day grades (who play one full game each Saturday with 35-overs each). Somewhat confusingly, the two-day grades also play half of their season in a one-day format with a separate premiership up for grabs. However due to COVID-19 the season has been reduced making a full one-day competition impossible, and as such it has been replaced with the new T20 Competition this summer. 

This will allow for all finals to be played in one day of cricket, thereby giving back a highly important extra playing day. This therefore allows us to play the two-day competition in full, with wight sides playing against each other once for 14 weeks of the two-day competition. 

For now though the focus remains on the two-day competition which commenced on Saturday 31st October. The T20 competition will return on the 12th and 19th of December and will be a standalone event with all our one-day grades having byes on these weekends. Please note that the remaining T20 fixtures are still to be announced.

Click below to see the rules for the T20 Competition below, as taken directly from the SMCA.

View The T20 Rules

View The T20 Rules

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