Head down to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club this coming Thursday after 6:00pm to see who will be crowned our best on-field performer of the season in 2020/21!

We will be turning our attention away from all that has been going on at the John Connell Reserve and the failures of the City of Melville – albeit briefly – as we instead opt to celebrate what has been yet another extraordinary season at the Spartans which sees seven out of our nine sides playing finals, including First Grade who finished as Minor Premiers!

We will be seeking to crown the Spartan who has been our best on-field performer this coming Thursday in what is our annual Read/Waterer Medal Night for 2021 – our night of nights as we count round-by-round and see who polled the most votes.

It’s arguably the biggest vote count of this year, and it all takes place this coming Thursday from 6:30pm at the Leeming Spartan Clubrooms at John Connell Reserve.

All Spartans, past and present, Sponsors, family and friends, and those associated with the Club are invited to attend the award ceremony, and given the successes seen in all nine grades this year it is bound to be a close one!

The Lew Read–Brian Waterer Club Champion Medal is awarded annually to the adjudged best on-field player at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, as decided upon in a round-by-round vote count.

Alongside the Graeme Ashley Award for Best Clubman, the Read-Waterer Club Champion medallion is considered by many to be the highest individual honour one can receive behind only Life Membership.

The Read/Waterer Medal
An award with a long history.

The award itself is named after two of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s biggest legends and stalwarts in Lew Read and Brian Waterer. 

These two figures have proven to be amongst the Club’s most pivotal and influential, responsible for over five decades worth of commitment to the cause.

Lew Read was certainly one of the mainstays and core members at the Spartan Cricket Club for over twenty years since first debuting in 1946, becoming Club Captain and Coach in the 1965/66 season, a position he held for four seasons.

Brian Waterer’s name is synonymous with the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, having been its most crucial member for the better part of five decades. Brian has served as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and incredibly as President for twenty-seven years.

The service of these two gentlemen are amongst the greatest in not only Leeming Spartan history, but in that of all sporting clubs in the state of Western Australia.

When the Club Champion Award was introduced by the Committee during the 1993/94 season, it was a mere formality to name one of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s highest honours after them.

Pictured Left: Lew Read, just after receiving his Life Membership in 1970.

Don’t miss this!

This is going to be a massive night, and it is always hugely entertaining to watch the round-by-round voting presentations.

MC Hack makes for a very enjoyable and memorable overview of the performances, and our Player’s Tea and cheap drinks are very much the icing on the cake!

Be surprised at where you have (or haven’t!) polled votes throughout the season, as us individuals learn exactly what our captains think in terms of our personal season performances!c

A revamped format.

This season, we’re speeding up the process by introducing a revamped format for the night, meaning you’ll never lose interest throughout the voting rounds. Due to the impact of COVID-19 we have seen less rounds and a change in the way votes are awarded for each and every grade. For example, our two-day sides did not play any one-day fixtures this season which is unlike all others where they tend to play half two-day and half one-day games. Instead, we participated in a series of T20 matches, which although counting towards the Read/Waterer medal tally do not account for as many votes awarded.

The process has been fine-tuned and has seen Sre, Hacky and Daniel get everything in order for what promises to be a hugely entertaining night!

Previous winners.

Last year saw the Read/Waterer Medal Night serve as the final official function of the season at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club before we were wiped out by COVID-19. It was a nail-biter that was ultimately deservedly won by Kodie McKrill in what was his second Club Champion victory.

You can check out the full list of past winners below!

YearClub ChampionGradeNotes
1993/1994N. SparksSecond GradeInaugural Winner
1994/1995P.L.HitchFirst Grade
1995/1996M. BunyanFifth Grade
1996/1997N.R. WoodFifth Grade
1997/1998K.R. WadeThird, Fourth & Fifth Grade
1998/1999J. LeinasarsSixth Grade
1999/2000G.R. DudleyFirst Grade
2000/2001P.L. HitchFirst GradeDual Winners
P.A. McGilvraySecond GradeDual Winners
2001/2002S. P.WrightFirst & Second Grade
2002/2003P.J.FlavellSixth Grade
2003/2004M.J.BennettFourth Grade
2004/2005W.S. FontanaFirst Grade
2005/2006M.P. AtkinsonFirst Grade
2006/2007K.M. PollerThird Grade
2007/2008W.S.FontanaFirst Grade2nd Victory
2008/2009W.S. FontanaFifth Grade3rd Victory
2009/2010D.W. EpariamaFifth Grade
2010/2011A.P. WaltonSixth Grade
2011/2012A.J.GibbsSecond Grade
2012/2013R. LeeFourth Grade
2013/2014W.A. MaxwellFifth Grade
2014/2015J.R. FosterFourth Grade
2015/2016R.S. BuckleyFirst Grade
2016/2017T.A.GillFirst Grade
2017/2018K.P.McKrillFirst Grade
2018/2019M.A.ElvidgeFirst Grade
2019/2020K.P. McKrillFirst Grade2nd Victory
2020/2021C.C.ForsythFirst Grade
2021/22J.R. FosterFirst Grade2nd Victory
2022/23M.W.MiltonFirst Grade

See you Thursday!

So we cannot wait for the 2021 Read/Waterer Medal Night to take place this coming Thursday, and we cannot wait to see you there! As always it promises to be a hugely enjoyable night with a lot of laughs and fun, a Player’s Tea (free dinner) and the answer to the biggest question of the year – who is the best player at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club!

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