With the official launch of our new Spartan website now in full swing, be sure to check out the photos below of our website from seasons past!

Incredibly (thanks to Shannon Davies, and later Peter Ferguson and the team at Fergco), the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club website is actually one of the oldest websites in Australia, first coming into operation way back in 2000!

This has allowed us to have the simple domain name of www.spartans.com.au, something that would be very hard to acquire today. It certainly is a lot easier to type in than something like www.leemingspartan.com.au or www.leemingspartancricketclub.com.au!

So, please be sure to have a look below at the history of our website and see the variety of changes we’ve undergone!

Current Iteration (2016 – 2017):

Spartan Website 2016

Quick Progress (2015-2016):

Website 2015

Old Faithful (2010-2015):

Website 2013

As at 2013

Pre-CMS (2009):

Website 2009

Chase The Spartan (2006):

Website 2004

Spartan Infancy (2003):

Website 2004

No Logo, No Worries (2003):

Website 2002

A Significant Upgrade (2002):

Website 2002

Usable Launch (2001):

Website 2001

Birth Of The Spartan Website (2000-2001):

Website 2000

Unfortunately, due to the age of this particular iteration, the images found on the site at the time no longer exist.

Again, a special thank you to Shannon Davies, Peter Ferguson and the team at Fergco, and Graeme Ashley for their ongoing and invaluable contributions to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

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