The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club is pleased to announce that from October 1st this year, we will be part of the new Western Australia initiative called ‘Containers For Change’, new state-wide container deposit scheme that lets you cash in eligible drink containers and help the environment.

The Containers For Change scheme will see the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club utilise separate recycling bins in the clubrooms for applicable items that we would otherwise dispose of into landfill, and at the same time means we will receive $0.10 back for each bottle deposited!

Containers For Change allows for us to return our used drink bottles for recycling and receive 10 cents per bottle in return.

Most of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s waste throughout the season is empty stubbies and bottles, and with these items all ripe for recycling it makes it a no-brainer to join Containers For Change.

Of course the prime focus is on helping the environment, but there is also a financial aspect to gain from the scheme, with ten cents earned for each item deposited.

Working on last season’s bar figures alone, if we assume that 80% of bottles are eligible and returned via the scheme, we estimate income of over $4500.00 for the six-month period. This is an incredible figure that equates to a platinum sponsor – all for something we would be throwing away anyway!

It literally takes no change in our usual behaviour apart from putting our empties into the recycling bins at the clubrooms, so it really does make sense.

From there we will take the bottles to a deposit site (our nearest being in Willetton), and deposit them using our Scheme ID of C10291102, and then the funds will be calculated and returned to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

You can even deposit your own bottles at home and use the same Scheme ID to help make a donation to the Spartans! It will prove to be a fantastic way of raising funds for the Club and help keeping costs down – all for doing something we were going to do anyway!

Read on below to learn all about Containers For Change, and how Leeming Spartan Cricket Club will be implementing this great initiative!

1. So what changes at Leeming Spartan?

Not a whole lot actually – just that now we will have designated recycling bins scattered throughout the clubrooms and change rooms ready to eat up your empties!

Our dedicated Committee will then transport the items to a collection depot located in Willetton and enter in our Scheme ID into the machine (which looks like a reverse vending machine) for it to then reimburse us electronically. No cash changes hands at any stage.

2. Where do we take them?

Well the bottom line is we will have to collect all our empties and accepted bottles and put them in a recycling bin. From there we can (as often as convenient) take them to one of the collection points scattered throughout Western Australia.

Our nearest drop off point is located at 2/3 Moonie Street in Willetton.

It is open between Monday and Thursday from 8am until 4pm ; Friday 8am until 3pm and then Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 1pm. This location is even more appealing because it offers the Depots collection type (see below).

3. What Bottles Are Eligible?

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund. The scheme targets beverage containers most commonly seen as litter. Please see below the types we can return.

Essentially from the bar – wine bottles, spirits bottles, cordial bottles are no go’s, whilst beer stubbies, cool drink cans, ciders, and water bottles are a-ok! Please note – crushed cans will not be eligible, so please don’t crush them!

Please be sure that all containers are empty and have their lids removed.

4. What Bottles Are NOT Eligible?

Milk cartons, wine bottles, spirits bottles, and anything larger than 3L are a good rule of thumb for things not eligible in the Containers For Change Scheme. See the list below:

5. Types Of Collection Points (Depots / Bag Drop / RVMs)

Depots – Depots allow customers to return containers and get refunds on the spot. Containers are counted by friendly staff or by machine. A refund is provided in cash, via electronic funds transfer (EFT) using your scheme ID or donated to a community group or charity.

Some depots also offer drive-through or in-house bag drop services, allowing customers to quickly drop off their containers. 

Bag Drop – These provide a scheduled service where refund point operators meet customers every week, fortnight or month. They allow customers, community groups and charities to return their containers for a refund either in cash, via voucher or through their scheme ID. Some operators count the containers on the spot, whereas others will take your containers back to their sorting point to count later and process your refund.

RVMs – (Reverse Vending Machines) Insert uncrushed containers into the RVM so it can scan and count your eligible containers. RVMs count and check container eligibility via their barcodes, so crushed containers or those without legible barcodes won’t be accepted. Containers like this may be able to be returned to the RVM operator’s in-house bag drop service instead, if one is available.

6. Why It’s Important

The amount of waste that the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club goes through each week is nothing short of astounding when you take a look at it. The waste bin out the back is always chockers, and the sad part is that a lot of this waste – in fact the majority – is completely recyclable. 

We go through a tonne of bottles and cans each season and will typically go through about 15,000 stubbies a year – all of which are recyclable. So, from a Club point of view (ignoring the financial aspect to gain for a second), we go through a heck of a lot of bottles that we can and should recycle – all these in just six months during our season!

6. What We’re Asking Spartans To Do

The bottom line is that all we’re asking for is if you could please recycle right at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and put eligible containers and bottles into the yellow recycling bins during the season.

Leave the rest to us – we’ll take them down to the recycling centre and viola – crucial cash for the club is earned and we can keep bringing you the best cricket experience around! Membership can remain at $50 and the environment gets a good boost too!

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