Following Sunday’s Annual General Meeting, we are delighted to announce the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s Committee of Management for this upcoming 2020/21 season!

Congratulations and thank you to all those have put forward their hand to aide the Spartans this season, and as you will see below the AGM has seen some major changes.

We’ve had several changes to our Executive Committee, with Peter Coombs and Geoff Burgess both returning as President and Treasurer for their sixth successive year. The two had also served as Secretary last season, however Daniel Coombs will return to the position once again in 2020, having last served the season before in our centenary year.

The other major news from the AGM was the retirement of our long serving Vice President Glenn Hack, who steps down after five years. Glenn took on the role when Peter Coombs became the Club’s 11th President in 2015, and has fulfilled the role brilliantly in the years since.

At the AGM, Coombsy described Hacky as someone who has not only been an integral part of his Committee, but has also become a very close mate.

We certainly wish Hacky all the best for the future and he will of course continue to be a regular face down at the Club this season. On a personal level, Hacky has also become a great mate and an incredible asset to this cricket club. All the best bud!

Adam Morgan, who has been on the Committee for several years now also has opted to step down this season to focus on his studies. Morgs has been a great member to have on the Committee and we also wish him all the best. He will continue to play as captain of our second grade this season.

To our new Vice President in Graeme Tysoe, it is going to be fantastic to have you part of the team! GT was previously a Committee member until 2017 and has also won our Best Club Person award making him the ideal person to take on the role, and in 2020/21 he joins our Executive for the first time. 

To our other two new committee members in Todd Gill and Ronny Mac, special thank you for coming on board and we can’t wait to work with you this season!

Our returning committee members, Mick Bennett, Andrew D’Angelo (Chubba), Mitch Gardiner, Anthony McGhie (Sooty), and Jodie Rennie – it is great to have everyone back on board again, many of whom now enter their third or more year on the team.

This certainly looks to be an extremely strong Committee for the Club this season, and it bodes well for an enormous 2020/21 at Leeming Spartan!

What’s more is that it has come at the ideal time, with the impact of COVID-19 still creating a large amount of uncertainty, and we know full well that a lot of work is going to be required.

Peter Coombs also stressed at the Annual General Meeting the importance of ascertaining sponsors this season, which can be in the form of any financial contribution over $100.00, as we have also had several major sponsors retire in recent years including Robert and the team from Crystal Finance, who have all retired. It will be up to not only the Committee but all members to help us try gain new sponsors this season.

Several non-committee appointments have also been revealed at the AGM, with Adam Seaward set to return in the massive role as Club Registrar (and MyCricket champion). This is an enormous mountain of work and Seadog will continue to fulfil the role with excellence.

Greame Ashley will continue as Statistician of the Club, Daniel Coombs will resume work on documenting the Club’s History, and will also be chiefly responsible for our website and marketing. As many members cheekily noted at the AGM on Sunday, it is best to purchase your stocks in Vistaprint now to avoid missing out!!

Our captains and other major announcements will be made in the coming weeks, and we will make it a priority to keep you informed this winter given the current state of play. That includes naming our sides, dates for reopening and all other upcoming off-season events as soon as they become available.

The Committee is wasting no time in getting to work this winter, with the first meeting to take place early next week.

So be sure to stay tuned to everything here on the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club website, and consider subscribing to our newsletter to never miss an update!

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