The Annual General Meeting of the Leeming Sports Association was held recently, with a number of Spartans once again elected into senior positions.

For those who may be unaware, the purpose of the Leeming Sports Association (LSA) is to help oversee the financial and structural management of our clubhouse on the John Connell Reserve, in a partnership between the three tenants – the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, Leeming Strikers Soccer Club and the Leeming Bowling Club.

The LSA executive is made up of several representatives from each member Club, as well as the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Congratulations to Leeming Bowling Club President Colin McCavana who returns for his second consecutive year as LSA President, and to Vice President Amy Ashton (Leeming Strikers Soccer Club), Treasurer Noel Wood (Leeming Spartan), and Secretary Graeme Ashley (Leeming Spartan), who help form the LSA Executive.

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club delegates to the Leeming Sports Association are once again Peter Coombs, Daniel Coombs, and Geoff Burgess.

LSA Office Bearers:

LSA President: Colin McCavana (LBC)
LSA Vice President: Amy Ashton (LSSC)
LSA Secretary: Graeme Ashley (LSCC)
LSA Treasurer: Noel Wood (LSCC)

The positions of the LSA executive have no relation to the executive members of the individual clubs, however many of the members listed above do in fact have some association with their respective clubs organising committees.

Our Leeming Spartan representatives/delegates (in addition to Secretary Graeme Ashley and Treasurer Noel Wood) are as follows;

Peter Coombs Second Year Leeming Spartan Cricket Club
Daniel Coombs Second Year Leeming Spartan Cricket Club
Geoff Burgess Second Year Leeming Spartan Cricket Club

The west side of the clubrooms house the Spartans and Leeming Strikers Soccer Clubs.

History Of The LSA:

Until 1986, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club had been known as the Bullcreek Spartan Cricket Club, due to our location at Trevor Gribble Reserve in the nearby suburb of Bull Creek.

An approach was made by the Spartans to the Melville City Council in October 1985 for a loan to enable the Club to add a function room to the northern end of the change rooms.

Surprisingly, the Council responded by offering the complex at John Connell Reserve in Leeming, provided the club form an association with a winter sport so that the complex was occupied all year round.

After much negotiation between the cricket club, the council, and some five or six other clubs, an association was formed with the Melville Allemania Soccer Club (now known as the Leeming Strikers Soccer Club).

The Leeming Sports Association (Inc.) was thus founded as an incorporated body on the first of March 1986.

Subsequently, the Bullcreek Spartan Cricket Club became known as the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and the Melville Allemania became the Leeming Strikers Soccer Club.

The clubs were housed in the old building on John Connell Reserve for a number of years, when, in June 1998, the Leeming Sports Association approached the Melville City Council for a loan to extend the function room at John Connell.

Once again the Council made a counter offer – if the LSA could persuade the Leeming Bowling Club to become a full member of the LSA, then the Council would consider funding to construct a $1.8 million multi-purpose building to service sport in the John Connell area.

After much discussion, the Leeming Bowling Club became a full member of the LSA and then followed nearly four years of meetings and negotiations between the LSA and the Council to finalise the management policies for the new complex. A building license was issued on 6th May 2002.


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