Following on from yesterday’s Annual General Meeting, I am delighted to confirm the newly elected Committee on behalf of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

This new Committee will oversee the Club’s operations in the 2016/17 season – our 98th and 99th years respectively. Congratulations to all who are on the Committee.

2016-17 Committee2016/17 Executive Committee

President – Peter Coombs (2nd Year)

Senior Vice President – Glenn Hack (2nd Year)

 Junior Vice President  – Paul Kalleske (1st Year)

Secretary – Shannon Davies (2nd Year*)

Treasurer – Geoff Burgess (2nd Year)

A huge congratulations to our Executive Committee, most of whom are returning for a second consecutive year. Their efforts over the past 12 months are invaluable, and it is a privilege to know that they are back on board for the upcoming season.

An enormous thank you to Peter Coombs who returns for a second consecutive year as President, the first since 2011. Pete has overseen a hugely successful 2015/16 season for the Club, with improvements in atmosphere, change rooms, social events, and clubhouse renovations, as just some of the many major developments he has orchestrated. Peter’s first term as President has been hugely prosperous, and he can be credited for getting the Spartans into a position of strength ahead of our 100th anniversary. We look forward to even bigger strides in the coming months!

Congratulations to Paul Kalleske who takes on the role of our Junior Vice President. Paul is an excellent choice for the Junior Vice Presidency, and has been a key figure around the Club for many years. In addition to having served on the Committee and as Players Representative in 2015/16, Paul brings a wealth of cricket knowledge to the Vice Presidency position, and we can’t wait to see him in action!

A special thank you to Matthew Hosking, for having successfully served as Junior Vice President in 2015/16. His efforts have not gone without notice and we are extremely appreciative of all he has done for the Club. We wish him all the best for 2016/17, both on and off the field.

*4th Year Overall

2016/17 Committee

Committee – David Blight (2nd Year)

Committee – Sheamus Byrne (2nd Year)

Committee – Daniel Coombs (2nd Year)

Committee – Dale Putland (2nd Year)

Committee – Graeme Tysoe (2nd Year)

Committee – Mitchell Wake (2nd Year)

A huge congratulations to our newly elected Spartan Committee, who will take the Club forward in 2015/16.

Further thank-yous to our outgoing Committee from 2015/16, all of whom have been invaluable to the Club for a number of years. All have committed to helping out in an unofficial fashion in the new season, further highlighting their importance to the Club.

Dave Abercrombie, Mitchell Lane, Jeff Tuthill

Dave is a Life Member of the Club, and has been a hugely hands-on member of the Committee, who is always keen to help out during Club events. His departure will be sorely missed, but he will remain a regular figure around the Club, and will continue to help out whenever called upon.

Mitch has served on the Committee for five consecutive seasons, often helping out behind the bar and at other Club functions. His efforts are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing him back in 2016/17!

Tuts is a longtime member of the Club, and winner of the Best Club Person award in 2015. Although personal commitments restricted him in 2015/16, it is a pleasure to know that when needed, Jeff is never shy to help out.

Further Appointments

Club Patron – John Ipsen (2nd Year)

Club Registrar – Graeme Ashley (Lots Of Years!)

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