This season, for the first time ever, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club will be hosting matches for the National Seniors Cricket Championship!

This is a national event, not too unlike the extremely popular Country Week, and will be taking place from Sunday the 6th of November 2016.

Spartans are welcome to attend at any stage during the week to watch the games.

View the fixtures for the Spartans below!

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About The Championships:

The championships are a series of week long matches played by those aged over 60 and 70.

The sides who represent the states are split into divisions, and the Division One and Two of the 60’s competition play 45-over matches. All other 60’s divisions and the over 70 division play 40-over games.

Our Fixtures:

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club will be hosting matches on all days of the competition, apart from the scheduled rest day on Tuesday, 8th November.

Matches commence at 10:00am and are expected to conclude no later than 6:00pm on all days of competition.

We are also fortunate enough to be hosting a final of the 60’s division 3 on Thursday November 10th!

Seniors Week Fixtures

& The Bar Is Open All Day, All Week!

So, if you’re skipping the day at work or just keen to get down to the Club at a time unlike our usual Tuesday and Thursday nights, then come down to the Club anytime during the day!

Of course, the bar will be open all day, and you’ll have the chance to watch cricket like you’ve never witnessed before – Ronny’s side is the closest we’ve got!

History Of National Seniors Cricket:

The first game of over 60’s cricket in the world was played at Hurlington Park, Brighton, Victoria in January 2003.  In England Veterans cricket for players aged over 50 years has been played in several counties since the mid 1980’s.

Over 60’s cricket is now played in 14 countries and is predicted to be played in over 20 countries by 2012.  The initial development of over 60s cricket in Australia can be attributed to Victorian, Mr John Hammer who with the help of Dr John Beaton, the then President of the A.N.U.Cricket Club, organised the first Over 60s cricket ‘carnival,’ held at the ANU cricket grounds in Canberra in November 2006.

Whilst the inaugural Australian interstate over 60’s carnival was very much an adhoc affair, teams from the ACT, Tasmania, NSW and Victoria contested the event with NSW winning the John Hammer Trophy for the first time.  

From this modest beginning, 9 teams contested the first official National Championship, held in Melbourne in November 2007.

As a prelude to the 2008 Championships, also held in Melbourne, an ‘Australian eleven’ was selected to play a ‘test’ against a touring England over 60 team at Hogden-Meckiff Oval in Mentone.

Former test opening bowler, Geoff Dymock, captained the Australian team with former test fast bowler, Ian Meckiff tossing the coin to start the game.  Former test umpire Max O’Connell and English umpire Mike Rawlings umpired the match.

Queensland - 2013 National Seniors Champions

Queensland – 2013 National Seniors Champions

So, make sure you get down to the Club! We’ll be open ALL week!

The Club is extremely excited to be hosting matches of the National Seniors Cricket Competition for the very first time, so we would love to give the old boys a very warm Spartan welcome, so we certainly encourage you to drop by at some time from November 6th!

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