A huge thank you to the incredible club members who helped out during the Cricket West games at John Connell on Sunday November 1!

It was fantastic to see so many wonderful volunteers helping out during the event, as it would not have been possible for the club to host the various associations at John Connell without your generous efforts!

The need for your help was made even greater due to the clash with our other club event, the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle which had to be booked well in advance before the fixtures of the Cricket West Competition were released.

Nevertheless, our amazing club members rallied together to ensure that both events were a huge financial success for the club and we are extremely grateful for all of their help!

The incredible club members who helped out at John Connell include:

  1. Tabitha Bond (an absolute champion!)

  2. Andrew ‘Chubba’ D’Angelo (yet another absolute warhorse!)

  3. Glenn Hack

  4. Mitch Lane

  5. Matt Hosking

The day’s matches were also hugely entertaining and saw a massive crowd turn out for the event. With this in mind, the efforts of the above volunteers were pivotal in ensuring the day functioned without a hitch!

A massive thank you to all who helped out!

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