As defined in the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s Constitution, we elect a Club Patron annually at our Annual General Meeting.

The Patron of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club is a senior figure who supports the Club through their volunteering efforts and endorsement in different ways.

Historically, the Patron is seen as being a person who gives financial or other support to the organisation or cause, however, financial contribution is not expected or required to fulfil the role at the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

Instead, we define the Patron as being “a distinguished person who takes an honorary position within the organisation to provide ongoing support in a variety of ways”.

As such, the Patron is a prominent figure within the Club, who has years of experience under their belt, typically from previous Committee work, and continues to endorse the Club in a somewhat unofficial capacity, always ready to provide his or her assistance.

In what is somewhat an honorary term, the appointment of the Club Patron can also be seen to not only recognise the recipient’s many years of commitment to the Club, but also their ongoing support in the current era.

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The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club (Inc.) appoints one (1) Patron annually (either male or female), who will serve for the full twelve months, or from the initial Annual General Meeting to the next.

Our current Club Patron is John Ipsen, and you can learn more about John by clicking here.

Hon. John Ipsen

Leeming Spartan Cricket Club Patron 2016/17

John Ipsen

Initial Term – 2015

Previous Club Patrons

Patron’s Name First Year Final Year
Mr. John Ipsen 2015 Incumbent
Mr. Clive Robartson, OAM 2003 (Establishment) 2014

The position of Club Patron was first established in 2003.

To learn more about our Committee, please click here.