Country Week Thursday. 

One of the highlights of the year!

This coming Thursday, 19th January is the biggest member function of the season, that is once again sure to be filled with entertainment lasting long into the evening.

Country Week’s Thursday night is the highlight of the tournament for those playing and hosting, as well as the regular members of the host club.

The Country Week Thursday allows those visiting to interact with members and enjoy all the celebratory events put on by the Club.

We’ll be having a pig on a spit for dinner (along with other edibles of course!), a mini-Olympics beginning at 7:15pm, presentations and speeches, and to cap it off, a guest speaker will be stopping by.

Country Week Thursday is the highlight of the tournament, with not only a massive game on in the day, but a variety of functions and festivities taking place following its completion.

Highlighted by the attendance of the playing sides and the Warren Blackwood boys, it is a fantastic evening that is certainly not to be missed!

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Our Club Members are highly encouraged to come down and watch the matches, all of which begin at 10:00am.

The Spartan bar and kitchen will be open from 9:00am until late everyday, meaning you’ll never go hungry or thirsty!

A variety of drinks are available, including alcoholic beverages, cool drinks, coffee, and tea.

It is a fantastic way to support the Club, as well as the country boys playing off in hugely entertaining fifty-over cricket.

Country Week Thursday

Thursday, January 19th From 10:00AM

Events Begin 6:00PM

Do not miss out on Country Week Thursday. We’re putting on a show that you won’t forget!

The Game – 10:00am – 5:00pm:

The day begins with a Country Week matchup between longtime supporters Wyalkatchem and Northam in a fifty over encounter from 10:00am.

Wyalkatchem v Northam from 10:00AM

The bar and kitchen will be open all day to serve almost everything to those wishing to drop in and watch the action, and we encourage and welcome all Spartans, players, friends, and sponsors to come down and enjoy!

Spartan Training – 5:00pm:

Of course, our regular Thursday night training session will go ahead as per normal, with all four nets running from 5:00pm, along with fielding and catching drills.

Our Club Coach, Peter Waite, will also be in attendance, so please be sure to get down for a net before the fun begins!

Warren Blackwood:

In addition to the sides of Northam and Wyalkatchem kicking on after their match, the boys from the Warren Blackwood Cricket Association will be destined for the Spartan clubhouse from 7:00pm until late to join in on the celebrations! 

The Warren Blackwood Cricket Association and the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club have formed a fantastic relationship over the years thanks to the efforts of former President John Ipsen, who initiated the first event.

Since then, the bond between the clubs has excelled, and once again they are making their way to the Spartan clubhouse after their Thursday match – despite not playing on John Connell!

A special thank you to the Warren Blackwood boys for coming back year on year, and we will endeavour to ensure that this year’s Country Week Thursday is your best one yet!

Mini Olympics – From 7:00PM:

Hacky’s Olympics return once again for an action packed post-training special!

Following the success of last year’s tournament, the event is now bigger and better than ever, with a variety of activities added on!

Of course, we cannot reveal too much about the event, other than to say the old adage of ‘what came first the chicken or the egg’ will be revealed!

President Pete’s Presentations – From 7:45PM:

Following the Hacky Olympics is the formal presentations, updates, and welcomes from our Club President Peter Coombs.

We’ll also be hearing from the captains of all three sides in attendance, who will no doubt be providing us with a very memorable and entertaining recount of the day’s play!

Dinner & Pig-On-A-Spit:

Following the formal introductions and welcomes, patrons will be invited by table to make their way to the serving tables for dinner.

Highlighted by our own slow cooked pig-on-a-spit, we’ll be having a feast for all to kickstart the night!

Guest Speaker:

To round out the night, we’ll be having a guest speaker dropping by.

Whilst this is a fairly informal presentation by the speaker (we’ll be announcing who it is on the night!), we do ask that you please treat them with respect and listen intently.

Country Week Thursday

Mini Olympics

Pig On A Spit

Plenty Of Food

Cheap Drinks


Presentations & Welcome

Guest Speaker

With beers from just $4.00, a great after party, and a pig on a spit, how could Country Week Thursday get any better!?

We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

Plus – don’t just make it one night of fun – come down throughout the week! We have games on almost every day! Read more here or view the event in our calendar below!

Country Week – Game Three

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