Calling all Spartans, if you or someone you know has a copy (either hard copy or digital) of a Spartan premiership photo, please send them in to as we are desperately chasing the last remaining batch ahead of the next season!

Please also send through a list of names for that photo for each player where known.

Below are the photos still remaining…

2010-2011 Sixth Grade D.E. Putland
2010-2011 One Day ‘B’ Grade R.J. McDonald
2006-2007 One Day ‘B’ Grade D.G. Humble
2003-2004 Sixth Grade P.J. Flavell
2002-2003 Fifth Grade R.J. Manning
2000-2001 Third Grade (One Day) G. Pound
2000-2001 Third Grade (Two Day) G. Pound
2000-2001 Sixth Grade D. Hackett
1999-2000 Sixth Grade G.K. Boyes
1997-1998 First Grade One Day Knockout G.B. Dudley
1997-1998 Fourth Grade G.K. Boyes
1997-1998 Sixth Grade A.G. Cole
1996-1997 SSCA Second Grade, Division 2 (One Day) P. Agostino
1996-1997 SSCA Sixth Grade A.G. Cole
1995 Victoria Park Winter Competition G. Pound
1994-1995 F&DMCA Fifth Grade R.J. Manning
1993-1994 F&DMCA Third Grade D.J. Blight

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