The always hugely popular Spartan Cup returns on Saturday 20th February at the SpartanHQ after match day from 7:00pm!

Now that Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions have eased following everyone’s fantastic response in staying at home last week, we are super excited to announce our first official function of the year – the 2021 Spartan Cup!

The Spartan Cup features a series of massive races – seven in total – named after some of our most famous (or infamous) Spartans as we once again lay out the game board and get ready to see who will take first prize!

Speaking of prizes, we have a whole heap to give away this year, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on getting your hands on them. 

The event is held annually and similar to previous years we will be putting on a great night of entertainment and laughs! The night features seven races, each consisting of five horses (and their riders) and by using a grid of carpet squares which are laid out (thereby serving as pieces of our game board) we race to the finish line. Everyone takes a turn using our oversized dice to see who gets a shot at going through – it is all completely based on luck and everyone has a chance to win!

We’re asking everyone to please head straight back to the John Connell Reserve at the Spartan Clubhouse immediately following the completion of your day’s match (noting that our third grade are playing at home that day) so as to best get the full enjoyment out of another night of action at the SpartanHQ!

We kick things off at 7:00pm, so be sure to get inside before then. Hopefully also with the way WA is performing with its COVID response (touch wood!), we won’t be required to wear face masks or be limited under the four square-metre rule – but we will be sure to keep you posted about this first!

Entry is completely free and there is of course no obligation to make a bet during the night – know full well those who don’t wish to do so will still get a whole heap of enjoyment and fun from the occasion as we see who’s horse is top dog.

Everyone is welcome and we implore you to bring your mates, partners, family and kids – its a hugely fun family-friendly event and sure to raise the roof with a lot of laughter and celebrating!

Please note that it is important to bring your own food and nibbles to eat, although of course we will have the bar open until stumps to make sure no one dehydrates during the night!

We’re also re-working the night slightly this season, and of course certain COVID-19 protocols will be in place throughout the night, with proper cleansing and sanitisation being completed beforehand.

So, be sure to head to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club on Saturday 20th February for the 2021 edition of the Spartan Cup – one of the biggest and most popular nights on our calendar. It is sure to be a whole heap of fun and we cannot wait to see you there.

• The 2021 Spartan Cup •

– Saturday 20th February – 7:00PM – SpartanHQ –

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