• Sale!

    2019/20 Windup Ticket

    $50.00 $0.00

    This year's biggest party is completely free!

    That's right – there are NO costs for windup tickets this year because everyone is invited and it is totally free! The fantastic event will mark the end of the 2019/20 season - with plenty of awards, inductions, a fully-catered dinner and awesome entertainment to celebrate an incredible twelve months!

    You can "purchase" a free ticket here which will let us know if you plan on attending. Select multiple tickets if you wish to reserve a table! You will not be charged for this item.

  • 2020/21 Social Membership – Silver


    The shiniest membership going around.

    This season, Leeming Spartan Cricket Club offers social membership for players and friends alike!

    This Spartan Silver Social Membership provides you with a deal of fantastic benefits, including bar cards, club merchandise, and so much more.

    Plus, above all, you'll be an official Leeming Spartan member in our 102nd year!

  • Non-Playing Membership


    A cricket membership minus the cricket.

    This is the perfect way to become a member of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club without actually needing to play the game!

    Maybe you've retired, are injured, or perhaps friends or family of a Spartan member. Well then, rejoice! You too are more than welcome to become a Spartan!

    Our former players and Life Members are the perfect candidates for a Non-Playing Membership as it gives you a great deal of benefits and official Club Membership. Above all of course, you'll be helping to support the Spartans this season.