Shannon Davies


2nd Term (4th Overall) – Since Season 2015/16

Shannon is a long-time Club member who has worked as Secretary for over three years, having overseen multiple eras and new directions undertaken by the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club. 

Now in his second stint and fourth year as Secretary, Shannon is one of the most experienced members of the current Leeming Spartan Committee, and he has been a Spartan for over 15 years.

Shannon has also spent time on the Executive of the South Metropolitan Cricket Association, including as convenor of the Protests and Disputes Tribunal. He is one of the Club’s current delegates to the Leeming Sports Association.

Outside of the Club, Shannon is a partner at the commercial law firm Solomon Brothers. He practises in general front-end commercial law, with a particular focus on commercial real estate transactions.

Shannon is also the co-founder of the Ethan Davies Scholarship for Brain Cancer Research, which supports paediatric brain cancer research at the Telethon Kids Institute.

Now, in 2016/17, Shannon continues as Secretary of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, performing an immense amount of work behind-the-scenes, providing the Club with access to items including grants and council permits.

With cricket clubs having become a business, particularly with the advent of technology, the efforts of Shannon as Secretary are invaluable. Whilst most of his work is unbeknown to our Club members, we know with confidence that without his immense efforts, the levels of success that the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club prides itself on would be severely diminished.

Social Details:

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Contact Details:

Full Name: Shannon Davies
Role: Secretary
Mobile Phone: 0403 339 178
Email Address:
Postal Address: PO Box

167 Bull Creek

Western Australia, 6149

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